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Spread across all three Greenhouse hubs you'll find a close, dedicated community.

Working at a Greenhouse hub is not just working with your team, it’s also working side-by-side with the inspiring companies and entrepreneurs around you.

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Planning a meeting?

Meetings at a Greenhouse location are efficient and stylish. Coffee, tea, water and soft drinks are included at no charge! Book one of our many meeting rooms in Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels.

Looking for an event location?

Look no further. At all Greenhouse hubs you will find inspiring event rooms where you can easily hold both large and small events, large and small. Our caterer is always available, with custom catering packages.

Margot Huyghe, Marketing Consultant

“Greenhouse is a professional, inspiring meeting place for companies, visitors and their business partners.”

Recent blog articles

Greenhouse stimulates productivity by offering unlimited amounts of water

At Greenhouse, you can count on us to provide everything you need to work productively. One of the most important items? Without question this is unlimited access to water at the office. That’s why we make sure that at every Greenhouse hub, and in every space available, there is plenty of water (and coffee and tea) to hand. We do this because we know hydration is absolutely essential in allowing our brains to perform at their best. Let us explain.

Meet Shanti: a permanent fixture at Greenhouse for many years!

You simply cannot visit Intervest without meeting Shanti first!

"It's great to share all of this with nice people"

In a short space of time, Jasper and Robin have become true ambassadors of Greenhouse. In this blog they tell us about their experiences at Greenhouse, and about all the benefits that accompany that choice.