The Greenhouse philosophy

Why Intervest created Greenhouse

As an experienced real estate partner, Intervest understands like no other that the way we work is changing. Flexibility and well-being are the new key words in any good working environment.

Greenhouse is Intervest's answer to the new approach to working. Three unique working locations along the strategic Antwerp-Mechelen-Brussels economic axis.

While mobility and accessibility are Greenhouse cornerstones, the three hubs are also designed to foster a sense of well-being in the workplace. Each and every one is a pleasant, peaceful working environment with amenities for exercise and relaxation, where you can work as you wish.

Greenhouse: inspiring grounds for fruitful business

The Greenhouse hubs are easily recognizable from the façades: all three are attractively green, all three are delightfully stylish.

Yet each Greenhouse hub is unique. We didn’t want to create three identical locations but rather three places that stand on their own and where everyone in the Greenhouse community can find what they’re looking for to meet their specific needs.

Greenhouse Antwerp stands out with the country's second largest vertical façade garden. Greenhouse Mechelen in turn offers lots of space due to the broad business panorama of the campus. Last but not least, Greenhouse Brussels literally houses that from which the Greenhouse name was derived: an immense conservatory where inspiration and entrepreneurship grow, in the form of a lovely atrium.

Together, the three Greenhouse hubs form the bond that knits together the close Greenhouse community. Here entrepreneurs get to know one another, share businesses knowledge, and help each other grow.

Welcome to Greenhouse, the workplace for ‘the new worker’.

Individually and together

Qualitative and durable

Mobile and flexible