A serviced office at Greenhouse: what do you need to know about it?

At Greenhouse you will find different office solutions. By offering co-working, serviced offices and regular offices in our range, we have a suitable solution for small, medium-sized and larger companies.

A serviced office could be the ideal solution for your company! But what are the advantages, when is it best for you to choose a serviced office and what do you need to know about it? We are happy to tell you!


What exactly is a serviced office?

A serviced office is a furnished and fully equipped office space, located in a building managed by a general administrator – in this case, Greenhouse. We rent serviced offices to our clients, giving them access to a private and ready-to-use space at interesting conditions.

After all, more and more companies are looking for flexible commercial real estate options, such as serviced offices, as an alternative to conventional office spaces. The big difference? You don’t have long leases and additional things. Maintenance, facility costs, furnishings, etc. are part of the package for our serviced offices.

So you could say that this – relatively young – type of workspace is part of a global transformation in which companies are more and more looking for flexible ways of working. And Greenhouse’s serviced offices? They are the perfect answer!

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What are the main advantages of a serviced office?

Why should you choose a serviced office instead of co-working or a regular office? Well, for many reasons. We list the three most important ones for you. Would you like to know more about these serviced offices – and whether they are a match for your own organisation? Then be sure to contact us.

1. Flexible leases

The rental terms of our serviced offices are very flexible: you can rent them on the basis of annual contracts. This is ideal for companies that want to remain flexible and work in a private space that can be expanded or reduced in a relatively short period of time, in accordance with their business plan.

2. Cost-effective without downtime

Do you opt for a serviced office? Then you only pay for the space you need.Moreover, this space is furnished and equipped with everything you need, so that you can immediately connect your own appliances. This means that there is no downtime before, during or after the move – allowing you to free up extra budget for other opportunities.

3. Access to all facilities

Greenhouse facilities in our serviced offices include a reception, kitchen, restaurant(s), coffee corner, water, cleaning and maintenance services, meeting rooms and network spaces. In addition, if desired, you also have access to extra (pay-as-you-use) services and facilities such as a fitness and/or ironing service. Whatever the case, you can be sure: you know what you get during our all-in package, which allows for easy budgeting.


How do I get started in a serviced office at Greenhouse?

In a nutshell? Extremely simple! Have the advantages of a serviced office convinced you and would you like to rent a serviced office? Contact us to find out which offices are still available in Berchem and Diegem.

This is including:

  • Enjoy your own office space for 12 months (via renewable annual contracts).
  • High quality private offices for 1 to 8 people with a focus on sustainability and ergonomics.
  • Wifi, coffee, water, tea and a fixed amount of prints per day.
  • Numerous Greenhouse services: a reception, helpdesk, lockers, catering, parcel service, cleaning service and much more!
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