Jobstudent Lorna en hospitality assistant Mana

Life as it is: a month as a job student at Greenhouse!

Lorna and Niels joined our team as motivated all-rounders. They had summer jobs at Greenhouse…

Co-workers in Greenhouse BXL

“Of all the co-working spaces we saw, we had the best feeling at Greenhouse.”

Eline and Sofie were looking for a flexible workplace in Brussels. They found what they…

Greenhouse co-worker Jan Laurens

“I was immediately hooked on Greenhouse!”

Jan Laurens is one of our first tenants at Greenhouse. He says he has never…

Hospitality assistant Shanti

Meet Shanti: a permanent fixture at Greenhouse for many years!

You simply cannot visit Greenhouse Antwerp without meeting Shanti first!


A sultry summer at Greenhouse

It’s summertime! And that applies to Greenhouse too.

Interview with Tycho of Immune Fitness

The positive effects of physically-fit employees on your organisation

‘Ensure your employees exercise more and they will be five times as productive.’

Fitness equipment

Greenhouse gives you the freedom to work yourself into a sweat

Exercise is important. But what if you have a job that requires you to sit…

Happiness bringers in Greenhouse BXL

Happiness Bringer, a fulltime job at Greenhouse

Freedom and happiness: for Greenhouse, these are the most important things! Anneleen is our personal…

Co-working space in Greenhouse Antwerp

Happy national coworking day … in the UK

Happy national coworking day ... in the UK... and also a little bit on the…

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