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An overview of the reception lounge, an event space in Greenhouse BXL

Greenhouse puts female entrepreneurs in the spotlight

19 November 2020 | All locations

Today, the 19th of November, we celebrate the International Women Entrepreneur's Day. And we have…

Co-working space in Greenhouse Antwerp

Why this Belgian co-working space has been scoring highly in a fast-growing competitive market for four years now

23 October 2020 | All locations

Greenhouse Offices has three co-working spaces along the important economic axis of Antwerp-Mechelen-Brussels.

Co-working space in Greenhouse Antwerp

Greenhouse invests in quality office furniture, because that pays off!

04 June 2020 | All locations

We live in 2020, where hip offices, fast-growing start-ups and rapidly shifting millennials are gaining…

Hou afstand van elkaar

Safe offices at Greenhouse

24 April 2020 | All locations

Never has the importance of a safe, hygienic work environment been clearer than in these…

Coworkingruimte in Greenhouse BXL

Co-working… from home office? Greenhouse can help!

23 March 2020 | All locations

Co-working, but from home. Not a piece of cake! How do we stay productive? Greenhouse…

Boardroom in Greenhouse Antwerp bestaat uit een vergaderzaal en lounge

Greenhouse Antwerp is becoming more popular as a film location

18 March 2020 | Greenhouse Antwerp

Last week, a "Groeispurters" podcast with Greenhouse co-worker Jasper was published online and of course,…

Interieur in Greenhouse BXL

Greenhouse on TV: did you spot us?

09 March 2020 | Greenhouse BXL

Did you know that Greenhouse Offices recently served as a location for one of the…

Building Greenhouse Antwerp

Comfortable meeting rooms have never been more important

29 October 2019 | All locations

Do you know it? Those weeks where you only seem to have meetings. With uncomfortable…

Luc, manager The Greenery & The Velvet Corner

The trendsetter at Greenhouse? Luc, the manager of the Greenery and the Velvet Corner.

11 October 2019 | Greenhouse BXL

Would you like to take a look inside the Greenhouse kitchen? It’s unique and an…

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