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Serviced Office in Greenhouse Antwerp

The Visual Lawyer went from co-working to a serviced office in Greenhouse Antwerp

21 September 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

Today we speak with Dominique, founder of The Visual Lawyer. She started as a co-worker…

Meeting room GHM

Green Night Logistics can’t get enough of the co-working at Greenhouse Mechelen

06 August 2021 | Greenhouse Mechelen

How did Green Night Logistics end up in Greenhouse's co-working space and why does it…

Glenn De Wit

Why has DWS group been choosing the co-working space of Greenhouse Mechelen since 2016?

08 April 2021 | Greenhouse Mechelen

We would like to introduce you to Glenn De Wit, the driving force behind DWS,…

Meet Solventure: member of Greenhouse Antwerp since 2018

18 March 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

Today it's Solventure's turn: a company that holds a special place in our hearts. Solventure…

Meeting room Antwerp

pi life sciences consultancy went from the co-working space to a serviced office in Greenhouse Antwerp

04 March 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

At first pi life sciences consultancy came to Greenhouse Antwerp for a few spaces in…

Greenhouse Antwerp

Why Novemmundi returned to the co-working space of Greenhouse Antwerp

16 February 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

In January 2021, after a hiatus of a few months, we welcomed Novemmundi back to…

Greenhouse BXL coworking

Why did clothing brand Narcisse choose for co-working in Greenhouse BXL?

09 February 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Today we introduce you to Narcisse: new member of Greenhouse and in the retail sector.…

Logo Mind.Shift

Why did IT-consultancy company Mind.Shift chose for co-working in Greenhouse Mechelen?

02 February 2021 | Greenhouse Mechelen

In January 2021 we welcomed Mind.Shift in Greenhouse Mechelen - despite the uncertainties related to…

Glazen reception lounge in Greenhouse BXL

Affluo & the serviced offices of Greenhouse BXL: a perfect match

07 January 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Last year, law firm Affluo opted for a serviced office in Greenhouse BXL. Why did…

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