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Video: Why Crax IT chooses for co-working in Greenhouse Mechelen for years now

31 March 2022 |

"The flexibility to scale up quickly is one of the biggest advantages for a growing…

Video: A day in the coworking of Greenhouse Antwerp – by Sustacon

17 February 2022 | All locations

“Love at first sight!” šŸ’š That describes how Hans Verboven, CEO of Sustacon , felt…

Video: Peter & Richard of NextFactor on camera about coworking at Greenhouse

16 December 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

Business partners Peter & Richard of NextFactor are already members since 2018 and true Greenhouse…

An overview of the auditorium in Greenhouse BXL

The auditorium in Greenhouse BXL, the perfect event location for large groups according to Candor

17 November 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Recently, Candor hosted an event in the auditorium of Greenhouse BXL.

Greenhouse BXL

A day at Greenhouse

04 November 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Greenhouse BXL as an office for a day: Marbles takes you along in the life…

De vergader- en evenementenruimte Newton-Pasteur

Why Finvision immediately knew: “Holding meetings at Greenhouse, that’s something for us!

26 October 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Finvision, gespecialiseerd in financiĆ«le dienstverlening, ontdekte Greenhouse BXL tijdens hun zoektocht naar een centraal gelegen…

Serviced Office in Greenhouse Antwerp

The Visual Lawyer went from co-working to a serviced office in Greenhouse Antwerp

21 September 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

Today we speak with Dominique, founder of The Visual Lawyer. She started as a co-worker…

Meeting room GHM

Green Night Logistics can’t get enough of the co-working at Greenhouse Mechelen

06 August 2021 |

How did Green Night Logistics end up in Greenhouse's co-working space and why does it…

Glenn De Wit

Why has DWS group been choosing the co-working space of Greenhouse Mechelen since 2016?

08 April 2021 |

We would like to introduce you to Glenn De Wit, the driving force behind DWS,…

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