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Greenhouse BXL lounge

What is co-working and what can you expect at Greenhouse?

11 June 2021 | All locations

There's no getting around: co-working is more popular than ever. The popularity of the concept…

Rode kruis stickeractie

Support the Red Cross sticker campaign

22 April 2021 | All locations

Are we together giving the sticker sales of Red Cross-Flanders a boost?

Hanan Challouki

Meet Hanan Challouki founder of Inclusified – Why and how to start working with inclusive communication?

19 April 2021 | All locations

Driven by her mission to create a more inclusive world, Hanan Challouki founded (among others)…

Greenhouse Antwerp coworking space

Student-entrepreneur? Develop your idea in the co-working of Greenhouse!

14 April 2021 | All locations

Entrepreneurship at a young age seems to be an increasingly common trend: more than ever,…

Opname in GH Antwerp

Greenhouse, an ideal location for video recordings

29 March 2021 | All locations

Greenhouse is more than a coworking space. In our hubs you can network, hold meetings,…


The top 3 functionalities in the Greenhouse co-working spaces

22 March 2021 | All locations

When talking to our members about their experiences with Greenhouse, they often mentioned the same…


Greenhouse Antwerp and Mechelen welcome new coworkers!

10 March 2021 | All locations

We are therefore very happy to welcome new members and offer them a safe and…

Inkomhal Greenhouse Mechelen

With some new co-workers on board, 2021 is off to a good start!

01 February 2021 | All locations

2021 has barely started and we already have some new co-workers on board whom we…

Reception area in Greenhouse Mechelen

Coworking, serviced office or own office, what to choose?

26 November 2020 | All locations

By offering co-working, serviced offices and custom offices, we follow the entrepreneur in his/her journey…

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