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Groene gevel van Greenhouse Antwerp

Information regarding coronavirus containment

13 March 2020 | All locations

In the context of the public measures taken to curb the spread of COVID-19, we…

Water at work

Greenhouse stimulates productivity by offering unlimited amounts of water

02 February 2020 | All locations

At Greenhouse, you can count on us to provide everything you need to work productively.…

Building Greenhouse Antwerp

Comfortable meeting rooms have never been more important

29 October 2019 | All locations

Do you know it? Those weeks where you only seem to have meetings. With uncomfortable…

Met de trein naar het werk

Our Greenhousers can take the train for free this autumn!

11 October 2019 | All locations

Mobility Week was a success this year. Thanks to the NMBS 'Proef eens van de…


A sultry summer at Greenhouse Offices

26 July 2019 | All locations

It is summertime. Also at Greenhouse! Because there is music in our coworking we were…

Interview with Tycho of Immune Fitness

The positive effects of fit employees on your organisation

26 July 2019 | All locations

‘Ensure your employees exercise more and they will be five times as productive.’ - Tycho…

Fitness equipment

Greenhouse gives you the freedom to work yourself into a sweat

11 June 2019 | All locations

Movement is important. But what if you have a office job? Then it takes extra…

Co-working space in Greenhouse Antwerp

Happy national coworking day … in the UK

06 June 2019 | All locations

Happy national coworking day ... in the UK... and also a little bit on the…

Jan-Maarten about Freedom of Work

What does “Freedom of Work ” mean?

29 May 2019 | All locations

Jan-Maarten Van Damme, Greenhouse Manager and New Ways of Work Expert explains wat 'Freedom of…

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