A Sultry Summer at Greenhouse

It’s summertime! And that applies to Greenhouse too.

As there’s music to our co-working and we enjoy the occasional dance routine, we’ve sent our summer playlist to Radio 2. They’ll be playing an hour-long list of our favourite songs today. To mark the occasion, we asked some of our colleagues about their plans for the summer to the beat of their top picks. And just for fun, we’ve worked various song titles into this blog post.
Can you find all twelve?

Many of us are going on holiday

Whether it’s with family, a special someone or with friends (my friend Benjamin, for instance), most of our colleagues have opted for a ticket to the sun before resuming their work with fresh enthusiasm. Voyage, voyage! Some will even be visiting family in faraway places. Seren, Hospitality Assistant at Greenhouse Mechelen, is visiting Turkey for this very reason. Just look for the sun and you’ll find our colleagues there. Summer in the city or at the beach; a holiday is always a good idea! (Haha)

Others are more in the mood for a party (or two)

Some of our colleagues are less interested in ocean waves and prefer to concentrate on their dancing. All summer long! Mana (Hospitality Assistant at Greenhouse Mechelen), for example, will be showing off her moves at her wedding. Of course, we’re overjoyed for her. Congratulations! Far l’amore! Others will be visiting Club Tropicana or other parties and festivals in dubious taste as they carol “Livin’ la vida loca, a staycation is also fun!”.

Or, just keep working!

There are always colleagues who say: “Whatever, I’m working as usual this summer.” Are they disappointed in the sun? Not necessarily. Many are busy, busy, busy… Longer days and lots of sun: ideal circumstances for long, breezy hours of work! And thanks to the air-conditioned Greenhouse offices, work this summer will be nice and coooool. These workaholics are truly the king(s) of my Greenhouse castle. Respect!

What are your own holiday plans? Let us know at beourguest@greenhouse-offices.be and receive a free day’s voucher to come test our air conditioning at Mechelen, Berchem or Diegem!

Curious about our hidden song titles? See them in the correct order here!