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Accountancy firm Four Eyes sees itself growing at Greenhouse

“We believe in the support given by Greenhouse”

“We would definitely recommend co-working at Greenhouse to start-ups or consultants,” Jonathan nods enthusiastically. “Greenhouse is an inspiring and professional workplace where companies can grow peacefully. In addition, the cost price evolves neatly with the needs / wishes of your company”.

Four Eyes also talks about the flexibility of Greenhouse that supports them in their growth. “As a small company you still have the same facilities within Greenhouse and the appearance of a larger office. The same with meeting rooms: we don’t need them on a regular or constant basis, but it’s convenient that they are available”.

The growing team is therefore not planning to leave Greenhouse any time soon. “In the future, we will see ourselves growing steadily within the Greenhouse environment. In fact: we are convinced that Greenhouse will contribute to that growth, precisely because of their excellent service and support”.

Do you want to grow your business at Greenhouse?

That’s possible! Despite the unusual circumstances due to Covid-19, Greenhouse is still ready to answer all your questions. Please contact us via the contact form.

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