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Affluo & the serviced offices of Greenhouse BXL: a perfect match

7 January 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

In 2018, law firm Affluo opted for a serviced office in Greenhouse BXL. Why did this law firm with its no-nonsense approach active in a broad field of corporate law choose us as their business location? Keep reading to learn all about Affluo’s experiences at Greenhouse. Did this testimonial inspire you to opt for a serviced office? Contact us! 

How did you end up at Greenhouse?

Well, actually we knew the hubs thanks to the fantastic restaurant Greenhouse Café, which is located in Greenhouse Antwerp. Our team regularly has lunches over there so we were already familiar with the Greenhouse atmosphere and the delicious food. (laughs)

What convinced you to choose a Greenhouse serviced office?

We had been looking for a serviced office for a while and because we already knew Greenhouse, we thought it made sense to contact you first. The reasons for choosing Greenhouse BXL were numerous!

The characterful building, the large auditorium, the cosy coffee corner, the restaurant facilities, the presence of sufficient parking spaces, the ideal location, the pleasant contacts with the Greenhouse staff, … You name it! Greenhouse met our requirements in almost every way, so it didn’t take long to make a decision. We chose you with great enthusiasm – and that enthusiasm is still here today!

Discover Greenhouse BXL!

What are, for you, the biggest advantages of a service office at Greenhouse?

For us, the greatest strength of Greenhouse as an organisation is absolutely the service and relentless enthusiasm of the team. We can always turn to one of the Hospitality Assistants for any issue we may have, you are always utterly helpful. In particular Tess and Anneleen deserve extra credits for this!



The biggest advantage of a serviced office is without doubt the aspect of ‘unburdening’. We don’t have to worry about reception and infrastructure ourselves, which makes our work very comfortable. We can focus on what we are good at: providing legal advice and assisting our client 100%, without distractions because you take care of all the rest.


The advantages of serviced offices

What areas for improvement can we still tackle?

In the few cases when a more difficult technical problem occurs, it may take a little longer to solve it. This is something that can be improved. Furthermore, when choosing a serviced office you have to take into account that there are different users of the common areas  Of course, this is something you know in advance, but when some people dare to forget to respect the agreements made, this can be slightly unpleasant.

Has Greenhouse contributed to the success and growth of your company?

As far as we are concerned: absolutely! At the start of our business, Greenhouse quickly provided the right infrastructure, allowing us to focus on our business immediately. No hassle, no arrangements – because Greenhouse did that for us. Amazing!

Would you recommend us to colleagues?

Entree serviced offices Entree serviced offices

We would certainly recommend Greenhouse to our colleagues: the benefits are numerous as well as the convenience. We would definitely recommend a serviced office to entrepreneurs within our network or to or peers, with a focus on either a slightly smaller company or, like us, a start-up.

Looking for a serviced office yourself? Contact us!

Please let us know if you prefer to work in Antwerp or Brussels – and we will help you find the perfect solution. See you soon!