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Co-working space of Greenhouse BXL as the perfect base for E&A

18 June 2020 | Greenhouse BXL

Some of our co-workers have been with Greenhouse from the very beginning. We would like to introduce you to E&A, who settled in Greenhouse BXL from the very beginning. Today they tell you about their feelings about Greenhouse, their experiences and why they chose our co-working space.

Brussels as the ideal location

Meet E&A: a company specialised in health policy consultancy. They offer services in various areas, such as strategic advice, market access and public affairs. In January 2019 they found their way to Greenhouse BXL. E&A is a company with 3 employees, who have chosen the co-working space and associated facilities as their operating base.

Since they are in close contact with various clients as consultants, a co-working space such as Greenhouse is a perfect solution. “Our customers are almost all located around Brussels, so it’s the ideal location for us”.

Greenhouse gives you that wow feeling

A co-working space at Greenhouse has several advantages: you can work comfortably in complete freedom and the Greenhouse team is ready to relieve you as much as possible by offering extra services. But what just convinced E&A? Sofie Verhaegen, consultant at the company, explains: “We went to see different co-working spaces, but we really had the best feeling here. There’s a lot of space, and when you come in, you really have the wow feeling. Sometimes we invite customers here and they are always very enthusiastic”.

In addition, they are only too happy to make use of the various facilities and spaces. “To call we use the call booth, to confer we put ourselves at the high tables as you can easily project there, and when customers come we put ourselves in a meeting room. We have also already organised a small event for our customers in The Greenery”.

Greenhouse can also be taken literally

We like to put our co-working area and range of facilities in the spotlight, because we find it important to create a comfortable working environment for our customers with a focus on well-being. This is confirmed by E&A: “The space and facilities sell themselves. Our clients think it looks really chic. There is also a good balance between a coffee break and work. If you want to have a chat, that’s easy”.

As human beings, we naturally feel better when we are surrounded by enough greenery. That is why at Greenhouse we provide a qualitative and sustainable interior in our hubs.

Sofie also confirms this: “When you think of ‘Greenhouse’, the word says it yourself, you expect a green environment, and that is how it is. It doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the office, but rather gives you a living room feeling. And that’s nice.

Looking for more comfort during your working day?

Chances are you’ll find it at Greenhouse. Don’t hesitate to contact us! You can discover our different packages here. Together we will look for the perfect solution for you and your company.

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