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Co-working and networking: connected at Greenhouse

9 August 2021 | All locations

We are not the only co-working hub who will tell you this: the opportunity to network easily and casually is possibly one of the biggest advantages of co-working. Not a surprise: in one space, several companies, profiles and niches are all gathered together every day. Besides professional networking events, you can also make sustainable connections next to the coffee machine, for example.

“But is it true?”, you might ask. And you are right: claiming is one thing, but actually proving is another. That is why we went for a walk through our corridors – and asked our coworkers about their experiences. And… we were not disappointed!

The biggest advantages of c-oworking

We visited Twaalfde Man Media, a coworker in Greenhouse Antwerp where founder Jasper can count Intervest and Greenhouse among his clients. He is the chosen partner for Intervest’s video projects and takes care of Greenhouse’s Facebook advertising. An excellent example of how you can find new clients through our co-working hubs…

When we ask the young entrepreneur about his idea of how co-working and networking are connected, he enthusiastically shares his story: “Networking as an entrepreneur is motivating, inspiring and very efficient. That’s why it is a great advantage for Twaalfde Man and me personally that, thanks to Greenhouse, we are surrounded by other entrepreneurs in the co-working every day.”

Networking in Greenhouse Networking in Greenhouse

And those entrepreneurs around him? For him, as a young starter, they are a vital resource. He talks about the countless insights he has gained thanks to casual conversations with experienced entrepreneurs – and the collaborations resulting from those conversations: “We also make use of each other’s networks. We recommend one another to our own network and the other entrepreneurs do the same for us. Very good for our business.”

Meet people you would not have met otherwise

The partners of TalentLogiQs in Greenhouse Antwerp are also enthusiastic about the networking opportunities within the Greenhouse hubs: “You meet different people who all have the best interests for their clients and know them thoroughly. Sharing information and knowledge gives you interesting information about the market, teaches you about the latest trends and even provides you with possible leads.”

And one of those leads they found at fellow coworker Twaalfde Man Media: they are helping TalentlogiQs today with their entire marketing plan – a connection they might never have made without Greenhouse!

Tom Claes, founder of T&M Pharma and coworker at Greenhouse Antwerp, fully agrees: “You meet people from other sectors, which is super enriching. For example, you can ask for informal feedback on things you are less familiar with.”

And he puts his words into action:, he is collaborating with coworker Addmore to redesign his online pharmacy – and enlisted Twaalfde Man to create an introductory video.

Spontaneous collaborations with other coworkers

Jan Laurens, Toucan Jan Laurens, Toucan

Jan Laurens, founder of Toucan and coworker at Greenhouse BXL, also benefits enormously from the networking opportunities in ‘his’ hub: “The biggest advantage of co-working is that you can start a conversation with your coworkers spontaneously and that it does not come across as forced, like so many sales pitches. That way, it is easier to bond with them and therefore there is a greater chance of collaboration.

(Credits photography Jan Laurens: Twaalfde Man)

He was clearly speaking from experience, because not only Greenhouse itself has already relied on Toucan’s personalised business gifts, but coworkers E&A Consultants and Retail Web Limited have also used his services.

Twaalfde Man Media enjoys the connections they make during casual conversations at lunch or at the coffee machine. “Effective collaborations have already emerged from moments like that. For example, we do online marketing for TalentLogiQs, Talentwise and Greenhouse and we make visual material for Intervest. Collaborating with another coworker is very efficient. They can reach us at any time with questions and we can respond more quickly as a result. We also recently called on coworker Grietje François (copywriter). She provided excellent English-language texts and was definitely an added value to our project.”

Robin Waroquier, founder of Addmore and coworker at Greenhouse Antwerp, has also experienced many positive effects from his co-working adventures. As a young agency, it is extremely valuable for them to be in touch with people they would otherwise never meet.

Tom Claes – Pharmazone Tom Claes – Pharmazone

It is not only a great learning experience, but it also leads to a stable and pleasant collaboration. “By having a nice chat in a coffee bar, we started a collaboration with Tom from Pharmazone a year ago. Tom was looking for an agency to rebrand and design his online pharmacy. We still work together regularly for ongoing projects and sit at the same table every day.”

Ready to expand your network?

Maybe a place in our co-working – in Antwerp, Brussels or Mechelen – is just right for you. Want to know more about our different packages and how it works, co-working at Greenhouse? Be sure to let us know. We will be pleased to give you an extended tour through our hub(s) and answer all your questions. See you soon?