“Of all the co-working spaces we saw, we had the best feeling at Greenhouse.”

Eline and Sofie were looking for a flexible workplace in Brussels. They found what they were looking for in Greenhouse Diegem!

Eline and Sofie have been co-working customers at Greenhouse Diegem since the day it opened. As consultants at E&A, the two women needed a flexible workplace in Brussels. In addition to its good location, Greenhouse has many other advantages, Eline and Sofie say. We wanted to know more about all of this and so we had a nice little chat with them in the Greenhouse lounge.

Atmosphere and cosiness? 10/10!

We moved in to Greenhouse Diegem in January 2019. We had already visited quite a few flex spaces at the time, but none of them could match Greenhouse. It was at Greenhouse that we had the best feeling and so the choice was made in a flash.

Our company specialises in the price-setting and reimbursement of medicines. We have several customers in Brussels, making Greenhouse Diegem the ideal base of operations. The excellent location is an important advantage, but what really made the difference for us was the atmosphere and the open space here.

A wow moment.

“Wow.” That was our first reaction when we walked in here. The feeling of a living room with masses of greenery! Everything is cleverly fitted out here and there are many possibilities for working. The space is conveniently arranged: from telephoning, brainstorming and meeting areas to seating areas packed with cushions so you can take a breather. Our favourite space is the corner at the whiteboard. When we need to think strategically, we find it useful to write our ideas down on the board right away.

Professional setting for meetings.

Our customers are also often pleasantly surprised when they walk into Greenhouse. Our workplace is therefore an additional asset for us to attract customers. When we posted a photo of our new office space on LinkedIn, we received only positive feedback. Which is not that surprising of course. We have already organised our own customer event in the Greenery: the restaurant and dining room at Greenhouse. They provide fresh meals every day: as lunch or as catering during meetings and events. Handy - and delicious too!

From candy vending machines to sports sessions.

The Greenhouse team also really does listen to us. Eline and I are candy lovers and so we dreamed of having a candy vending machine. And lo and behold, one appeared! How cool is that? In the corridors we also heard that there will be sporting group sessions given by a personal trainer at lunch time. We are already really looking forward to this. Doing sports together at lunch time: top! (And it’s the ideal compensation for all that candy.) In short, we love the great atmosphere here. Now and again there are recreational activities, but never too many. A little chat here and there with the other co-workers provides connection and a family atmosphere.

Thank you for your lovely words, Eline and Sofie!