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Coworking, serviced office or own office, what to choose?

10 November 2020 | All locations

Behind the (green) facade of each Greenhouse hub you will find different office solutions. By offering co-working, serviced offices and custom offices, we follow the entrepreneur in his/her journey from young starter to expert by experience.

But what is the perfect solution for your situation – and what are the pros and cons of each solution? Today we will go into this in more detail, so that you will soon be able to make a well-considered decision.


Coworking: budget-friendly unburdening on a flexible basis

Within our co-working concept, ‘unburdening’ is key: we want to ensure that our co-workers only have to concentrate on their core activities. We’ll take over almost every other aspect of office management.

Simplicity and flexibility are the main concepts within this package. For a monthly contribution of 175 euros, you can use the co-working spaces 24/7, even on public holidays.

Do you grow faster than anticipated? No problem: you can easily and quickly add co-workers to your membership. Would you like to cancel your membership? That can be arranged just as quickly. We are utterly committed to unburden you!

Coworking in Greenhouse BXL Coworking in Greenhouse BXL

At Greenhouse, co-workers can count on a wide range of services. From meeting rooms to coffee, from showers to changing rooms, from printers to staffed reception. We offer all this and much more within the same monthly membership. Furthermore, you also have the option of establishing your registered office with us – and using our address as your professional address – for an additional monthly fee.

Each Greenhouse’s co-working space has its own character. They are all inspiring work environments where you can work professionally, surrounded by a strong network. Our goal: to ensure that everyone can work on their own entrepreneurship – and let their idea grow.

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You are never alone

Of course, it’s not all fun and games, and that applies for co-working as well. In addition to the many advantages, there are, after all, some things you should take into consideration before moving into a Greenhouse hub.

The name co-working says it all: you are rarely alone in the office. This means that you have to take into account that it can be noisy there. Your fellow co-workers will walk in and out and will have a regular conversation with each other. In addition, you are never guaranteed a fixed place, so we ask you to be flexible.

Each Greenhouse hub has several meeting rooms, which you as a co-worker can also use for a number of hours a week, for example to receive clients. If you work intensively with your team, and you need regular, mutual consultation moments, then there may be better solutions for you.

Serviced offices: all the benefits of co-working in a private environment

When businesses start to grow and expand, our co-working concept may no longer meet the requirements. Can they no longer turn to Greenhouse for a solution? Of course they can: they can continue to grow with us by opting for a serviced office.

If you do so, you will be provided with a furnished, ready-to-go private office. The biggest advantage: even if you are in your own private office, you will still enjoy exactly the same services as the co-workers. A serviced office is a good solution for a growing company with various profiles in their ranks.

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Less flexible contract

The step from co-working to a serviced office is a well-considered one. On the one hand, a serviced office costs more than a co-working membership; on the other hand, you’ll switch from a flexible monthly membership to a one-year contract. Unique to this annual contract at Greenhouse: the number of people in your organisation, rather than the number of m² available, will be the basis.

Anyway, it is important to think thoroughly about this decision: do you need a separate space – and are you going to make sufficient use of it? Because even if you make little or no use of your own office, you will still have to pay the rent.


Regular offices: receive clients in their own environment

Turnkey Solutions Essity Turnkey Solutions Essity

If your company is well established and continues to expand, then there is the option of going for a custom office. This option has many advantages as well.

With a custom office, you can really develop your own identity. After all, you can decide everything yourself: the furnishing, use of colour, etc. – everything can be designed and placed according to the identity of your company.

You are responsible for everything

When you choose a custom office, you choose to pay per square metre. So you get the office space of your choice, but you are responsible for what happens to the space. In other words: the furnishing, the internet, the coffee, someone who cleans, … these services are entirely up to you.

Ideally, therefore, you should first check whether you have a budget for an office manager who can take care of this. Intervest, the umbrella organisation of which Greenhouse is part, has included unburdening customers in its mission. In other words: Intervest offers many solutions to support you.

In addition, don’t forget that a custom office commits you to Greenhouse for a longer term, i.e. for at least three years.

These two things ensure that you take more risk yourself – in exchange for more space in a private office. So be sure to check whether this is feasible, not only today – but also in the long term.


In general, for a starting entrepreneur it is a good idea to start with co-working. For 175 euros a month you get everything you need: 2 hours a day in a meeting room, delicious coffee 24/7, an inspiring environment – and above all: inspiring people to connect with and ask for advice.

This – and much more – is included in a membership that you can cancel flexibly. Therefore, Greenhouse has been a nudge for many to start their business.

If your company grows to five or more people, there is a chance that a serviced office will be more suited to your wishes and needs – depending on the profiles working within your company. We often see that companies with a number of permanent employees choose to combine a serviced office with a number of co-working memberships, in order to combine the best of both worlds.

If you work with more than ten people, we recommend a regular office. Anyway, growing within our three packages is an organic thing – and it’s up to you how you want it, whenever you want!


Need more information about the different options?

Feel free to contact us: we’ll tell you more about our three packages – and schedule a guided tour. See you soon?