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De Lijn and Greenhouse: always in motion!


Thanks, Erik, that’s great for our egos. Anyway, we had a great time monkeying about on the day of the shoot! As a matter of fact, we have replicated the advantages cited by the crew in all our locations. You can also find this space, light and accessibility in the Greenhouse offices in Mechelen and Diegem. Greenhouse Mechelen is easy to reach by train and shuttle bus. Greenhouse Brussels is a three-minute walk from Diegem station, and there is a bus stop right outside the door (just leave your stress at home).



We believe that getting to work without stress is important for productivity and creativity for the rest of the day. If you do arrive stressed or irritated anyway (because the hot chocolate just ran out, there’s no paper on the toilet roll at the wrong time or a snoring partner or pet kept you awake, etc.), it is all the better to find yourself in a stress-free and inspiring work environment.

And that’s exactly what Greenhouse takes care of! We implement “Freedom Of Work” in everything we do. So you can work when, where, with whom and next to whom you want (and so by definition not next to whom you don’t want). Would you like to learn more about the struggle for freedom at Greenhouse? Be sure to read our previous blog!

But now it’s high time for the latest advert from De Lijn (nice almost-rhyme). It turned out that all that monkey business was for a very good reason. We’ll come right out and say it: the result is impressive!


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