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Why Finvision immediately knew: “Holding meetings at Greenhouse, that’s something for us!

26 October 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Obviously, we stand behind our concept, but to hear that our customers also like Greenhouse very much. That makes us very happy.

Finvision, specialised in financial services, discovered Greenhouse BXL during their search for a centrally located meeting venue for a two-day training programme. Soon they fell in love with Greenhouse and its meeting rooms.

Why? And how do they look back on these days? Stephanie enthusiastically shares their experience with us.


Hi Stephanie, nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about yourself and Finvision.

Finvision Finvision

“Hey, how nice of you to contact us! I am responsible for HR and recruitment at Finvision. With 170 employees and 5 offices in Flanders, we assist our customers in the area of finance. Thanks to a wide range of services, we can support our customers in their daily financial management and in building a future vision.”

How did you end up at Greenhouse BXL?

“Well, we were looking for a centrally located venue for a two-day meeting with all the newcomers of Finvision, 30 in total. In order to encourage the feeling of belonging from the start, we like to bring our new colleagues together for a welcome. After that, they will start working in different offices. So the location had to be easily accessible from Sint-Niklaas, Antwerp, Hasselt and Waregem.”

“I came across the Greenhouse website thanks to Google. The pictures I saw there cheered me up immediately: the appearance of the building and the look of the rooms appealed to me. So I got in touch! Thanks to the lightning-fast response from Hospitality Assistant Maria-Pia, all my additional questions were answered immediately and a tour was arranged in no time. This gave the Greenhouse an advantage over the other locations from the start!

Discover Greenhouse BXL, an architectural gem

What were the deciding factors in choosing Greenhouse?

“Tijdens de rondleiding voelde ik heel snel dat het volledige concept van Greenhouse een match was met onze verwachtingen. Als ik Greenhouse vergelijk met een doorsnee office center bijvoorbeeld, waar je ook mooie vergaderzalen kan huren, dan vind ik het totaalconcept en de beleving bij Greenhouse een grote meerwaarde.

Once inside the meeting centre, I was again pleasantly surprised! The meeting rooms have plenty of daylight, are in perfect order and all IT equipment is provided.

The room that was proposed to us, Newton-Pasteur, also has a nice extra: the coloured chairs!

The inviting atmosphere that hung in the air was just what I was looking for. Meeting room Newton-Pasteur (and Greenhouse in totality😉 ) ticked all the boxes. So there was no need for any more thought: the location had been chosen.”

Newton – Pasteur, more than an ordinary meeting room

Looking back at 27 & 28 September, how did the meetings go?

We felt very welcome, Hospitality Assistant Maria-Pia was there for us, nothing was too much trouble. Also ‘credits’ for ISS who did the catering during the afternoon: everything was taken care of down to the last detail and super tasty!

We did not need much in the room, only the two screens and they did their job well. Installing and starting up went like a piece of cake, maybe partly due to the presence of a few techies in the room 😉.”

A small minus point, a number of people present thought it was too cold in the meeting room. But even then, Maria-Pia came to the rescue and the temperature was adjusted in an instant. The hospitality of the Greenhouse extends to the smallest details, hats off to that.

Greenhouse BXL atrium Greenhouse BXL atrium

Oh yes, I just remembered something else we didn’t like: the traffic jams on the Brussels Ring. If you can change that, then you will get an 11/10 😊.

Just kidding, it was top notch and we will definitely come back when the opportunity arises!”

A happy ending: thanks to the positive experiences, the partners of Finvision recently chose Greenhouse BXL again for a customer event. Whoop whoop!

Would you also like to organise a meeting or event that your guests will look back on with enthusiasm?

Get in touch with us! The Hospitality Assistants will be happy to give you more information, help you find a suitable meeting or event room and show you the entire hub during a guided tour. This way you can experience for yourself ‘what Greenhouse is all about’. We are looking forward to meeting you!