What does “Freedom of Work” mean?

Jan-Maarten Van Damme, Greenhouse Manager and New Ways of Work Expert, explains...

Greenhouse is leading its own fight for freedom. Against whom? Against everything and everyone who still sticks to dry, lifeless office spaces lacking oxygen, green spaces, etc....that’s who! Spaces lacking life in general. Greenhouse does things differently: with more spirit, humour and “joie de vivre”. We believe that flexibility is essential for companies striving to meet the challenges of the future, which is why we believe in “Freedom of Work”. Jan-Maarten, Greenhouse Manager, New Ways of Work Expert and leader of the fight for freedom, explains...

Hi Jan-Maarten! What does Freedom of Work mean to you?

It’s everything! In my opinion it is the essence of the new way of working. We are increasingly tasked with creating flexible environments in which professionals can work, experiment and grow with complete freedom and security. At Greenhouse, we want to develop individual potential and create a collective impact. Buying an office? Great, but it’s so definitive - not to mention the investment. And what if your company grows to the point that your office space is no longer big enough? Or you want to move to another location? We think it is important that companies can still grow in all directions.

And can you still grow in all directions at Greenhouse?

Of course! At Greenhouse, we consciously focus on this freedom. An office environment is a flexible service for us, not a static fact. Co-working spaces, serviced offices or individual office spaces: everyone can choose his or her own work space based on his or her needs and growth expectations. Meetings or events can take place in the meeting rooms, seminar spaces or auditorium. You know, a work environment is not just a place to work. It is your oxygen to grow and your drive to succeed. And that describes Greenhouse perfectly!

Why is this freedom so important?

I strongly believe in our Belgian companies. When they grow, it benefits our entire economy. This is why Greenhouse supports them in their journey of growth. A path full of booby traps and unexpected challenges! We want to give our visitors the freedom to work in a manner that is both flexible and sustainable. Growth potential knows no boundaries when you are agile enough to respond to change, opportunities and new developments.

How does “Freedom of Work” translate in the Greenhouse offices?

Everything is created with freedom in mind! For starters, you can certainly choose the space or environment in which you want to work. Of course, one option is a co-working space, but you can also rent a permanent office. For this, we often call on our colleagues at Intervest Offices. They help with the transition from serviced offices or co-working spaces to standard offices and all the additional services involved. But freedom is evident in so much more. We focus on three values: accessibility, quality and extra services.

1. Accessibility

All Greenhouse offices are centrally located. I hate being stuck in traffic or losing time due to public transport delays (and I don’t think I’m alone in this). This is precisely why we currently have three locations: Antwerp, Diegem and Mechelen. They are all easily accessible by car, train, bus, tram, bike, electric scooter or even by foot if you wish. Choice gives you wings, which would be another way to avoid waiting in traffic of course! (laughs)

2. Quality

For us, “from top to bottom” means “from mental to physical health”; from our brain to our littlest toe. This is why we have quiet, loud and chill-out spaces to give visitors the mental atmospheres they need at that moment. High-quality office spaces help you to work with focus and intention. This is why with us you sit in ergonomic chairs and work with high-quality equipment.

3. Personal butler. Well not quite, but almost.

OK, we don’t have a personal butler quite just yet, but we do come fairly close with our services. Restaurant, ironing and cleaning service, gym, help desk, housekeeping: all services can be used freely by everyone at Greenhouse. The only service that requires you to lift a finger? The gym (laughs). But seriously, we want to make the lives of our visitors as pleasant as possible, and we are doing everything we can to make this happen.

Thank you, Jan-Maarten, for making yourself free (get it?) to answer our questions. Good luck with Greenhouse!

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Jan-Maarten Van Damme