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Green Night Logistics can’t get enough of the co-working at Greenhouse Mechelen

6 August 2021 | Greenhouse Mechelen

At Greenhouse, we like to take the time to have a talk with our coworkers. No surprise, is it? Only when we ask them what’s going well or not so, we can continue to optimise our services and hubs.

This time, we went to Greenhouse Mechelen – and spoke to Gerrit: managing director of Green Night Logistics. A slightly more atypical company, because they also operate at night – and therefore eagerly make use of our hubs that are accessible to members 24 hours a day. We’d like to introduce them to you – and dive deeper into their story: how they ended up at Greenhouse and. why they consciously choose to stay every day.


Who is Green Night Logistics?

Gerrit Calsius founded Green Night Logistics in 2019. The reason? After 18 years of experience in night transport, he noticed that there was a lot of demand for alternatives to the current providers on the market. No sooner said than done.

Green Night Logistics Green Night Logistics

Today, their goal and identity is completely centred around bringing more efficiency to the workplace: by managing their night deliveries as smartly as possible, they believe they can help technicians, but also clients in the medical sector, to work more efficiently and faster.

Nowadays, they are active in Belgium and Luxembourg, but the Netherlands are still on the list to be included in the future.

Why did you choose co-working?

As a starting entrepreneur, you want to have it all: staff, a warehouse, equipment and… a nice office. But in the end, you have to make choices: which things do or don’t contribute to the success of a company? For example, we focus on automation every day – and, to be perfectly honest, we don’t really need a big office. The money that we would spend on the office, could be invested more wisely in the expansion of the company.

That is why we opt for the co-working space of Greenhouse Mechelen. A co-working membership is very interesting for us, especially considering how many facilities it includes. The meeting rooms and the staffed reception are a big advantage, but the different locations were also decisive for us. Many of our customers are located on the axis between Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen – so the Greenhouse hubs are perfectly situated!

We are now investing the money for an office in the expansion of our company

How did you end up in Greenhouse?

We found Greenhouse on the internet: we were looking for different options in co-working and quickly came across your site. We were immediately charmed by Greenhouse’s green character, because it matches our philosophy. Sustainability is, next to quality and technological innovation, one of the pillars of our company – and we were looking for a likeminded partner.

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Greenhouse & Green Night Logistics: for both, sustainability is at the top of their priority list

How do you experience the co-working space of Greenhouse Mechelen as a workplace?

Really great! The promised facilities do not disappoint, but for us the biggest advantage is the fact that we can access the office 24/7. In our business, this is crucial: sometimes we have a client visiting at night, so it’s great that we can offer this accessibility thanks to Greenhouse.

Furthermore, you can enjoy everything that is arranged for you: the available meeting rooms, the coffee, the cooperation with Hospitality Assistant Mana, … The combination of all these elements make you feel completely carefree. I know that everything is arranged smoothly and safely – even when I am not at the office. That is a great comfort!

The facilities at Greenhouse Mechelen were the deciding factor for us to choose you – and they still are every day!

What are the biggest advantages of Greenhouse Mechelen for you?

The great atmosphere in the office, with all these like-minded people. Combine that with networking opportunities and you are in the right place! You can participate webinars, for example, and there are also interesting interactions between the companies in our hub.

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The atmosphere in Greenhouse and the many networking opportunities are unique and priceless

Would you recommend Greenhouse to professionals in your own environment?

Absolutely! Actually, a co-working membership at Greenhouse gives you all you need for a company with up to five employees: you don’t have to invest in your own office, you don’t have to clean, you never have to order coffee or printing paper, there is always someone at the reception, you have several nice spaces and meeting rooms to choose from and you have three different locations to work in. We find these advantages truly interesting for our company – and are convinced that a co-working membership at Greenhouse is an ideal and money-saving concept for many companies. We are huge fans!

I would recommend Greenhouse co-working to any company with up to five employees: you are taken care of and you save money!

Curious about the advantages for your business?

Impressed by Green Night Logistics’ story – and are you also looking for an alternative to that traditional office? A co-working membership at Greenhouse might be something for you. Feel free to contact us for more information – and we’ll be happy to tell you all about the different subscriptions and locations. See you soon?