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Greenhouse BXL: unique event location with lots of personality

Greenhouse believes in the power of an inspiring (work) environment. And especially when you are planning an event, an unforgettable event location is essential. That is why, besides practical work environments, we also offer functional and stylish event locations, fitted to your needs down to the smallest detail.

Greenhouse BXL is located in Pegasus Park: a business centre in Diegem, near the centre of Brussels and close to Brussels Airport. Not only conveniently located, but also in the middle of an environment that exudes professionalism and ambition. Or, in other words: the perfect place to receive your guests in style.

Today, we are highlighting Greenhouse BXL’s greatest asset: our event spaces – which, with a capacity of up to 200 guests, are one of the larger venues in Brussels.


The greatest assets

First of all, you can call us a one-stop-shop for events. Our rooms are equipped with everything you need, so you don’t have to get anything externally. In short: you plug in your laptop – and off you go! you don’t have to worry about equipment malfunction or unwelcome errors: we take care of those. We also have all the necessary furniture in house, so you don’t have to look elsewhere for chairs or tables. This way, you save on transport costs, as our furniture is already on location!

Discover all event spaces here

And do you want furniture or equipment from a third party? Who are we to refuse? There is no obligation to work with us for every aspect of your event – and you don’t have to pay ‘buy out’ (except for catering) if you prefer to use another supplier. Fair enough.

Finally, we would like to highlight our fantastic location. Firstly, we have a large parkinghouse right next to the hub, so your guests will not struggle to find a parking space. Secondly, we are close enough to Brussels to be easily accessible, but far enough away from Brussels to avoid driving into the busy city centre. This way, your guests will arrive relaxed, without traffic stress on their minds. No car? Then they just get off at the bus stop in front of our door – or at the Diegem train station, a five-minute walk away. You see: when we boast about this good location, we are not exaggerating!

Your own event coordinator

Decided to organise your event at Greenhouse BXL, but don’t have the time (or energy) to take care of the follow-up? No problem: we are happy to introduce you to Katherine, our talented Event Coordinator. With her extensive experience as a venue and event manager, we have the necessary expertise in-house to unburden you from A to Z. Katherine will be present at every event to ensure that everything goes smoothly, so that you can fully focus on your guests.

Inhouse cateringpartner

Would you like something extra at your event, such as a theme, entertainment or musicians? Katherine will gladly help you with that, too. The most important thing for her? Providing good service and helping you with the details of your event. This way, you as a client will not have to arrange anything yourself: we will do it for you!

Rent a ‘wow’ feeling by choosing our auditorium

Our auditorium is our great pride and joy – and the showpiece of Greenhouse BXL for more than one reason. This spacious, light and impressive room is equipped with all the comfort and technology: adjustable spotlights, a portable microphone, a sound system, and so on. It is therefore the ideal room for meetings and events such as company parties, conferences, client events, product presentations, etc. The auditorium can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests.

Apart from all the practical comforts, the auditorium is also a real gem. When we open the doors, a silent ‘wow’ always escapes the visitors… So it is not surprising that this space is booked more often than not. This impressive room scores high with our customers in terms of comfort, style and class – and is the perfect event location to surprise your guests. We promise: an event in the auditorium of Greenhouse BXL will not be soon forgotten.

Greenhouse (2019)-70-Pano-HDR Greenhouse (2019)-70-Pano-HDR

Combine as you wish with our other rooms

Of course, the auditorium is not our only room. We also have the atrium: an impressive space surrounded by large expanses of glass – and perfect for small exhibitions or for receiving guests and offering them a drink. The reception lounge, an open space above the auditorium, is an architectural gem where you can organise company parties, exhibitions, lunches and much more. The beautiful view makes this smaller location an imposing place to be.

Finally, we have the meeting centre: this consists of an entire wing and/or separate meeting rooms you can book separately. These meeting rooms are ideal for those looking for an event location with sufficient breakout possibilities. For example, are you coming with 200 guests and organising various workshops during your event? Then the meeting centre with its six rooms is the place to be.

And, oh yes: as an organiser, would you like an extra private room in which to set up your equipment – or in which to prepare or rehearse? We will be happy to arrange that as well, just like a day pass in our coworking space for guests who want to work before or after the event. Handy, right?

Your first event in two years at Greenhouse BXL?

That is possible! We would love to, even. We notice that the events are booming at the moment. Not really surprising, we have a lot of catching up to do!
Are you also planning an unforgettable event – and are you looking for a unique location with lots of assets? Then Greenhouse BXL might be the perfect choice for you. Contact us soon – and we will plan a free, no-obligation guided tour.

Spoiler alert: the elongated ‘wow’ when you step into the auditorium is impossible to stop…