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Greenhouse gives you the freedom to work yourself into a sweat

11 June 2019 | All locations

Exercise is important, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know this, of course. It’s also a fact that people who regularly practice sports reduce their risk of diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases. So, to keep a long story short: sitting motionless at your desk is not good for your health. But what if you have a job that requires you to sit down all day? It means that you have to put in extra energy (literally) to achieve your daily standard portion of exercise. Specifically, you have to do half an hour of moderately intensive exercise five times a week, a standard that seventy-eight per cent of the Belgian workforce fails to achieve. And that’s reason enough for Greenhouse to get things moving. Sweat baby, sweat!


We are very proud of all our sports enthusiast. And what about you, would you also like to promote a sporting (or more sporting) lifestyle in your work environment? Then we have several tips for you. There are several elements that, put together, contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Here, we can give you tips based on the following themes: education, environment, agreements and coaching.



Organise workshops to educate your employees or colleagues. What is healthy nutrition? What is good to do – and what should you avoid doing – when practising sports? Workshops can offer interesting information to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Little things often make the difference, like establishing good, new routines and dropping unhealthy ones. After all, when a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit it is not difficult to maintain.



There are many small adjustments that employers can easily make to a work environment to ensure that co-workers get more exercise at the office. For example, there are standing desks: they help prevent back complaints because a person’s spinal column takes on a more natural posture when standing up straight. This is called ‘dynamic office equipment’. Changing your posture often enough is also recommended.

In addition to this, the social environment must not be underestimated because if your entire organisation makes an effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will be stimulated from within. You will notice that making changes becomes much easier. You and your colleagues can adopt routines at work, like taking a walk during the lunch break, making less use of a car (commuting to work together by bicycle if possible) or restricting internal emails and instead walking over to the person to ask your question. These may be little things, but put together they make a big difference!



You can also make agreements within your team to include more exercise in your everyday activities. You could hold meetings standing up, or while taking a walk. If fixed agreements have been made in an organisation, it is easier for employees to stick to them. They will have essentially become ‘rules’. No room for debate here.



You are never alone, or, in any case, you never should be. Keeping up good habits is easier if you get support, are followed up on and are motivated. For this reason, a sports or exercise coach at work is highly recommended, and here it’s important to respond to employees’ individual needs. Relaxation, back-strengthening exercises or team building: the possibilities are infinite.

Just know that there is no magic rule or perfect formula for adopting a healthier lifestyle. In fact, it’s often a combination of different actions and routines that makes the difference. Take initiatives and just get on with it. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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