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“I was immediately hooked on Greenhouse!”

23 August 2019 | Greenhouse BXL

Jan Laurens is one of our first tenants at Greenhouse. He says he has never regretted this for a single day. At Greenhouse he has the feeling that he’s at home.

Jan Laurens works in the promotional items sector. Since most of his customers are based in Diegem and Zaventem, Jan was regularly driving around the Brussels business parks. He noticed a new co-working and office space that was in the middle of being built. Yes indeed, that was Greenhouse. He pulled over and decided to take a look. Almost a year later, we are still grateful for that decision. And clearly, Jan is too. We were delighted to have a chat with him in the corridors of Greenhouse Diegem.



One fine day, I just decided to pop in here. I was fantastically well received and things clicked right away. Since my company was still so small-scale, I’d been expecting a pretty short meeting. Nothing was further from the truth. At Greenhouse, they really took their time to guide me around and inform me. Thanks to the combination of friendly people and the high-quality, welcoming spaces, I didn’t hesitate for a second: here’s where I would set up my new office!



That welcoming atmosphere and the great reception right from day one were certainly no coincidence. You will find plenty of super-nice ladies and gentlemen walking around here. The Hospitality Assistants at reception welcome you every day as if it were your first: always with just as much enthusiasm and flair. I often work on site at the premises of my customers, but at Greenhouse it is like coming back home. This is and remains my favourite workplace.



Greenhouse really does make my life easier. Not just regarding work. The Greenery chef prepares fresh dishes every day with seasonal products. He even welcomes every hungry worker personally. I have not yet used the ironing service, parcel service or gym. The photocopier is terrific though (laughs)!



Greenhouse’s biggest asset? Absolute flexibility. You can opt for short-term or long-term contracts. I can also cancel the contract every month if I want to, but that’s not something I’m even remotely thinking about doing (laughs). What I also find excellent are the sites in Berchem and Mechelen. Thanks to them, I can work across the hubs. Super-handy when you have a meeting in Antwerp!

I regularly encourage people I know to give working here a try. Because as soon as you walk in, you fall in love!