Comfortable meeting rooms have never been more important

We’re all familiar with those working weeks that seem to consist of nothing but meetings. Are you feeling the frustration yet? Uncomfortable seating, harsh fluorescent lighting, gurgles and creaks from the HVAC system… Not exactly how you get your productivity and creative juices flowing, is it? Of course not.

Spoil that brain

To get your brain to work, what you need is comfortable, ergonomic furniture, soft, mellow lighting and plenty of oxygen. In other words, you’re looking for an inspiring, healthy environment to hold those meetings.

Besides, not all co-workers meet in person on a daily basis. Just think of people who work from home or are often on the road, of flexible workspaces and hours, etc. These days, meetings are some of the rare formal occasions where teams can see one another, connect with each other and catch up a bit on what’s happening. And so what about making connections? That’s best done from the comfort of your own home, so why not bring that homey feeling to the office?

No worries, Greenhouse has got your back!

Time is money’ is the driving idea behind contemporary meeting rooms

‘Time is money’ is a huge business cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true, now more than ever. More and more business trips are getting cancelled due to the expense, and what’s the result? Over the past decade, the popularity of virtual meetings has continued to grow. That’s all well and good, but it does require quality IT facilities. After all, you don’t want to waste precious time figuring out exactly how those tools actually work!

Furthermore, these days it can take much longer to get a group of people away from their desks and into the meeting room. You know how it goes. You suddenly have a burning need to use the loo, wash your hands, briefly return a call, get some fresh air or deal with that one major issue.

All very human and not a problem… as long as you have the right meeting room, equipped with everything required for your comfort. No wonder then that meeting rooms without toilets, a coffee machine or a water fountain are less appealing!

Meeting room shopping: matching price to quality

We won’t hide from the facts: a high-quality office environment is expensive. It’s not just the cost per square foot, but also the accompanying service charges, usually based on the size of the rented space.

It makes perfect sense once you think about it, because ensuring that a meeting room offers all the proper amenities can be a complex matter. Requirements can include technology, ergonomically-designed furniture and the general look & feel of the space.

How high is the demand for such meeting rooms? It just keeps rising, thanks to more project-based/agile working, more virtual meetings (requiring places to make calls), teams working in an open landscape that prefer a bit of privacy, and the increasing importance of HR and coaching.

What does Greenhouse make of this? Well…

We believe that it’s only sensible for companies to reserve their costly square footage for their employees and rent those less frequently required meeting rooms instead.

Imagine: each quarter, you put on a town hall meeting for 150 people. Either your company maintains a space capable of accommodating 150 people that is only used four times a year… or you opt to rent that space four times a year. Much more efficient, don’t you agree?

Well, our three Greenhouse hubs are perfectly suited to this type of ‘meeting room shopping’. Now we’d like to explain what to expect of these spaces in more detail…

Greenhouse meeting rooms: atypical, cosy, and productive

First and foremost, Greenhouse offers many ‘atypical’ meeting rooms which often aren’t easily available in-house. Examples include boardrooms, conference rooms, training facilities, cosy coaching spaces and the like.

Of course, all these spaces are provided with everything necessary to your comfort. Our climate control is unrivalled – and all our furniture is of superior quality and ergonomically designed. Additionally, we provide natural lighting in every room for a pleasant, ‘airy’ experience, no matter the issues you have gathered to discuss.

We’ve said it many times: Greenhouse is your freedom of work. And we truly mean what we say! For instance, our meeting rooms are available for booking 24/7, and virtual meetings couldn’t be simpler thanks to our user-friendly digital facilities. Umm… Is IT really not your thing at all? No problem! Our hospitality assistants are happy to help you out during business hours.

Meetings that are a real treat

Literally, that is. Ever aware that ‘time is money’, we have also optimised our meeting rooms as to food and drinks. This means that many of our conference rooms have coffee, tea and water available. What if this isn’t the case? There’s sure to be a kitchenette nearby offering the same facilities. Oh, and before we forget, drinks are included in the price of the meeting room, of course.

Thanks to our range of partners, there are catering options available for your meeting room as well. And at Greenhouse Brussels? We go even further, providing various catering islands between the meeting rooms. Are you craving breakfast, a snack, lunch or appetisers? Don’t worry, it’s all available, right next to the meeting room you booked. Enjoy!

We can beat the traffic

If there’s one thing on which we can all agree, it must be the horrors of traffic congestion. What a waste to spend hours cooped up in your car when you’d rather continue working on that important presentation!

No problem. Our meeting rooms are all connected to our co-working areas. In other words, do you wish to continue working before or after a meeting? You can! So don’t leave immediately after your meeting but just wait a bit longer and effortlessly avoid the traffic. That way you don’t waste time stuck in your car, but can make optimal use of your working hours!

A clean environment for clean results

Admit it: there’s nothing worse than entering a meeting room only to be confronted by the previous occupants’ dirty coffee cups. Nor are you eager to encounter scribbled-over flip charts and crumpled scraps everywhere. Are we right?

Of course. We all appreciate cleanliness! Fortunately, you can rest assured at Greenhouse. Our rooms are cleaned throughout the day after each meeting. That way, you can stay focused on your objective, with no need to concern yourself with the state of the meeting room. We’re happy to do so for you!

In short, this is how Greenhouse addresses your needs

Want a brief recap of all those advantages? Here you go. Reasons you should conduct your meetings at Greenhouse from now on:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic furniture
  • Soft lighting
  • Perfect climate control
  • Inspiring design
  • Meeting rooms with all amenities
  • Three Greenhouse hubs to choose from
  • Atypical meeting rooms
  • Book 24/7
  • Easy-to-use digital facilities
  • Beverages included
  • Catering at your door in Greenhouse Brussels
  • Co-working areas connected to the meeting rooms
  • We clean the rooms for you
  • Etc.

Curious about our lovely Greenhouse hubs?

You should be! Discover our three fantastic locations today, all three of which are situated along the Antwerp-Brussels axis. And don’t worry: at Greenhouse you choose, but you certainly don’t lose! Finally, all Greenhouse hubs have their own unique character and specific advantages.

Want to book a tour of your preferred hub? We’re looking forward to your visit!