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In the war for talent, an inspiring workplace is key

It is no exaggeration to state that the war for talent has never been as fierce as it is today. Every day, talented people enter the market – and they often have their pick of good jobs. As an employer, it is therefore important to arm yourself firmly in that battle – and to ensure that your organisation stands out and offers added value. Of course you start doing that with an attractive posting and a strong brand image – but you also need to think about everything else, such as having an inspiring work space. And Greenhouse can help you with that…

How do you win the war on talent as an employer?

Today’s HR challenges, such as recruitment, engagement and retention, have never been so significant. Everyone is looking for unique talent – and the unique talent in question is fully aware of this. As a result, the phenomenon of job hopping is no longer the taboo it once was – and your valuable employees will simply walk away when they’re not feeling it.

Or, in other words, to win the war for talent, it’s important to take a hard look at your identity – and extend it to everything you offer potential employees. That could be a competitive salary package, attractive fringe benefits, a challenging job with growth opportunities – and… a unique workplace where they like to spend their time. We are convinced that an inspiring workplace results in more fun and commitment at work – which you as an employer will undoubtedly feel in the results.

Job satisfaction has never been more important

Let’s take a closer look at that satisfaction in the workplace. In recent years, there has been a strong evolution in what employees consider important in their job. Whereas in the past, making a career was invariably the number one priority, a comfortable work-life balance is gaining momentum. We still want a good and challenging job that satisfies us, but we are less willing to let this be at the expense of our private lives. Just look at the rise of flexible working hours, the increasing number of 4/5th employees and the need for a series of non-work related fringe benefits, such as a Netflix subscription, bicycle leasing, extra holidays, a fitness subscription, a company psychologist, etc.

What this also means, is providing a workplace that promotes productivity and happiness. Traditional office spaces without a personal touch are increasingly disappearing and being replaced by flexible workplaces where one can feel at home. An office with a fitness or ironing service is no longer an exception, nor are in-house restaurants or spaces in the office where you can simply relax. Or, to put it briefly: as an employer, it is a smart move to provide workplaces where every employee feels good and at ease, and thus becomes, almost unnoticed, more productive.

Working from a Greenhouse hub

Discover Greenhouse Collection: the perfect means of attracting talent

As you already know, Greenhouse has been exploring the new way of working for some time now. Our three hubs are designed to make every member feel at home – and every day we think of ways to stimulate this feeling. We take care of everything, providing flexibility and hospitality – while also thinking of subtle ways to empower our members with features such as healthy meals, ergonomic furniture, plenty of natural light and lush greenery in each hub.

But we felt we could go even further. And that is why we decided to launch Greenhouse Collection: a brand new workspace in Antwerp where every inch is designed to inspire.

“We believe in offices – as long as they contribute to job satisfaction” – CEO Gunther Gielen

When Intervest received the opportunity to purchase the iconic building right across the Singel in Antwerp, its Greenhouse potential was quickly spotted.

Its iconic and timeless character fits closely with its perfect location, so CEO Gielen knew right away: something special had to happen with this building.

“I will never forget the day when we visited the building for the first time. On the very same day, we had completed a commercial and technical plan because we felt so inspired. The love we immediately felt for this building is unparalleled!”

Iconic office building

Intervest’s strategy – and by extension: Greenhouse’s – is fully focused on future-proof buildings. Greenhouse Collection is the perfect answer to this: it takes us away from classic offices even more – and offers a combination of working, connecting, fun and experience. Or, to put it in the words of CEO Gunther Gielen himself:

“We absolutely believe in offices. But we only want office buildings where people experience the sensation of ‘yes, I can go to the office!’ in the morning.”

Furthermore, the location lends itself perfectly to the creation of a real community feeling, in which we respond to the new way of working. Work, leisure and recreation will be connected here and exist in symbiosis with each other. Besides, Intervest did not choose Antwerp, a modern student city, by chance.

“It would be fantastic to attract young and enterprising talents after their studies with this hip concept”, Gunther Gielen says.

A haven for ambitious entrepreneurs

Greenhouse Collection at the Singel is a business experience in Antwerp where entrepreneurs can show the best of themselves and focus on progress. The offices, meeting rooms and coworking space are a feast for the eyes and encourage the new way of working, turning Greenhouse Collection into so much more than just a working environment. It is a meeting place for entrepreneurs who want to connect with each other, but also with their customers and employees.

Greenhouse Collection is unique in its kind – bringing a new and exclusive way of working to Antwerp. We believe that with this new concept we can support talent and play a role in future successes within the Flemish entrepreneurial landscape. The added value you offer as an employer by establishing yourself here is unique and unprecedented – and will put you on the map as an employer who focuses on the well-being of employees. This stunning hub next to the Singel in Antwerp will open its doors soon and will be available to professionals who want to take the quality of their working day to the next level.

I want to work here

Want to know more about Greenhouse Collection?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly introduce you to our brand new concept, and help you find the ultimate way of working for your organisation. Coworking or (serviced) office? Our flexibility guarantees a workplace where you and your colleagues will gladly check in every day.

See you soon?