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“It’s great to share all of this with nice people”

At first they worked from their living rooms, but one day Jasper and Robin decided to try out a free day pass at Greenhouse in Berchem. Successfully, so! Because a Greenhouse co-working space brings a lot of advantages. Both gentlemen seem to know and believe in this, as they have been part of the Greenhouse family for some time now.



For Jasper, choosing a co-working space was an obvious step for his company. “I couldn’t work from home any more, so I started looking around for a co-working space. Via the magic of Google, I stumbled on the Greenhouse website. I decided to try it out for a day and was sold straight away.”

That step also brought a lot of comfort and ease. “There are a lot of facilities, meeting rooms and we can use our own office space. And what’s even better: you’re sharing it all with a lot of nice people”, he said. And that’s especially useful for working together, so it seems.



Not much later, Jasper invited another young entrepreneur to Greenhouse: Robin. He, too, could no longer run his business from home, and decided on trying out Greenhouse. Now he is a regular customer.

“One of the main advantages here is that you meet a lot of people,” he states. “That really facilitates building up a network. Being here has gotten me a lot further in business.”

In fact, because they are now together in the same space, Jasper and Robin have a few large, joined projects. “It’s just very handy, very practical, and working together is so easy here. There’s always the opportunity of working with other, new and interesting people here.”



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