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Life as it is: a month as a job student at Greenhouse!

03 September 2019 | Greenhouse BXL

Lorna and Niels joined our team as motivated all-rounders. They had summer jobs at Greenhouse and had the time of their lives…

The summer holidays are not a time for all students to put their feet up for two (or even three) months. Some want to earn a little extra money, gain experience or expand their network with the help of a summer job. At Greenhouse, we were able to call such workhorses our colleagues for a month. Lorna and Niels joined our team as motivated all-rounders.

During the first period, I mainly sat at the reception desk, one week with Tess and the other week with Anneleen. Because I could regularly take over from them at the reception desk, they had the time and the peace to work on their own projects. I also got to know our facility coordinator Patricia better during that time. She is, without a doubt, one of the driving forces behind Greenhouse. After that, I also worked on plans and took on legal tasks.

I also went to Greenhouse Mechelen. As a result, I immediately noticed that the enthusiasm in Greenhouse Diegem was no coincidence. What struck me here is how much the building and the way it is divided differed from that of Greenhouse Brussels. These different hubs each have their own unique character while keeping the Greenhouse vibe.



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