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What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a method of multidisciplinary thinking and working in which the client or user is central to the innovation process and in which creativity and structure go hand in hand. You can use it to innovate products, services, ecosystems and even business models.

An innovation process based on Design Thinking consists of two major phases: “designing the right thing” and “designing the thing right”.


Designing the right thing

It seems obvious, and yet experience shows that it is a rule often flouted: design something that solves a real problem. What do your clients really need? You can find out the answer to this question by asking your users (user research). This research can take many forms because what people experience, think, say and do is, after all, not the same thing.

Turn this problem into an opportunity within the context of your business. What did you learn from your users? And how can you use these insights within the uniqueness of your business so that new opportunities also effectively create value for your business and not just for your clients? Why are you starting this innovation project? How does this fit in with the vision and strategy of your business?

You will collect quite a few questions and answers that will help you decide which problem you want to solve and what you ultimately want to design.


Designing the thing right

When you know what problem you want to solve, the question then arises: how are you going to do this? What solutions are possible?

Time to generate ideas. As many as possible. Without taking into account practical or other objections. From this volcano of ideas, select one idea that you want to develop further into a prototype. From Design Thinking to Design Doing. It is important to involve the users in this iterative process of designing, testing and learning as well. Cooperation and co-creation with users also continue to be central in this phase.

And, as is often the case, the last step is the most important: the implementation of your new “design” in your company.

Dominique Meert of 2KnowHow2


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