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Those leaving the nest look back on their time at Greenhouse co-working with affection

Ideal Projects is one such company and tells us more

Ideal Projects is a progressive company that transforms “places to work” into “spaces to grow” – for organisations, brands and people. They have been a Greenhouse customer since the very beginning, but recently spread their wings to larger premises. But not before we asked them a few questions about their experiences…


What did you find most inspiring about Greenhouse?

A great many things, actually! In general, Greenhouse is simply the perfect professional environment, where you find all the necessary technology and space. Greenhouse is designed according to the “work related areas” principle, which translates into different types of offices spaces, each of which has its own inspiring effect.

This allows you to make calm and focused calls in separate cells, choose between formal and informal workplaces and between a sitting or standing workstation, depending on the mindset you need for the task at hand.

And of course there is also the highly appreciated cafeteria and restaurant where you can relax in a cosy atmosphere and stock up on energy with a delicious meal!


What were the main benefits for you?

First and foremost, this was undoubtedly the central location between our head offices in the Netherlands and Brussels. What’s more, the hubs are easily accessible via the motorway, which reduces time wasted on travelling. This is useful for us as employees and also for customers coming to see us!

And having all the other entrepreneurs there was a huge added value. By interacting with them we were able to test out our decisions with them regularly – and make adjustments where necessary.


Would you recommend Greenhouse within your own network?

Absolutely! Greenhouse is an ideal place to work, especially for freelancers and starters.

A word from The Optimal

The Optimal Finance is a smart company that gives financial departments within organisations the necessary advice and support. They spent over a year at Greenhouse and recently moved to new premises after the company was taken over. We were able to catch up with them for an inspiring quote before they left, though!

“Greenhouse gave us the opportunity to grow in a calm atmosphere. The flexible offices spaces in Antwerp and Diegem enabled us to work flexibly every day, and to do so close to our customers. We reserved day passes for our consultants on the days when they needed to see us – so we always knew exactly how much space we needed at that moment.”

Would you like to have your company grow at Greenhouse?

Discover all the office solutions on our website – and feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to answer them for you!

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