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The trendsetter at Greenhouse? Luc, the manager of the Greenery and the Velvet Corner.

Luc, the head chef at Greenhouse, moved from Waasland to Brussels for love. Be sure to add to that his love of cooking! Meanwhile, he runs The Velvet Corner, The Greenery and soon also Le Palmier: the food outlets at Greenhouse Brussels. As head of the kitchen, he is responsible for staffing, purchasing and preparing fresh dishes. He knows like no other that a brain can only work at its best if it has the right, healthy fuel.



Luc currently heads The Velvet Corner and The Greenery. Sandwiches, salads and wraps are sold daily at the Velvet Corner. Thanks to the takeaway concept, you can go for a quick bite (busy, busy, busy), but at the same time, you have a healthy and nutritious meal. It is easier to dine a little longer in the Greenery. Sit on the terrace or inside, at a high or low table. There’s a friendly atmosphere and Greenhousers have the perfect opportunity to catch up. The tasty food is frequently the talk of the day.

Soon you can also visit the VIP restaurant, “Le Palmier”, where Luc will also take the lead. You can reserve a seat here in advance for a culinary treat. Le Palmier creates the ideal setting for high-impact conversations. Enjoy a two or three-course menu, and you will soon find yourself in the right mood.



Whether you’re eating at The Velvet Corner, The Greenery or Le Palmier, our brains need that healthy diet. Of every bite we eat, no less than 20% of the energy goes to our brain. Food for thought! At Greenhouse, the hard workers rarely suffer from an off day. That’s only logical – they get the high-octane fuel they need to make the best use of their cognitive abilities. A big shout out to the healthy and fresh dishes in the Greenhouse restaurants, and, above all: thanks for taking care of this every day, Luc!



When we asked Luc about his favourite recipe, without hesitation he went for the wok! “I put ingredients together without knowing where I’m going to end up. I love creating new flavours. Stews also always score well with the Greenhousers. I get my inspiration mainly from nature, and seasonal products are always central to my dishes.”



“At Greenhouse, we are committed to zero waste. In other words, we ensure that we produce as little waste as possible. I give leftovers a new life in other delicious dishes. The cooking team uses leftover salmon to make a salmon salad and fried mushrooms taste delicious in soup. We have to work together to reduce the mountain of waste! I always personally welcome my guests to the restaurant, and it is nice to hear their positive reactions. It gives me the energy and enthusiasm to go for it every day. Cooking is not my job, it’s my hobby!” says Luc.



Did you know that 345 kg of food is thrown away in Belgium per inhabitant every year? In our goal to help reduce that waste mountain, Greenhouse uses the “Too Good To Go” app. At the end of the day, you can buy unsold meals here at a bargain price. Is there some food left over after lunch? Then Greenhousers or local residents can order and pick up their leftover meal from Greenhouse.

Come and give Greenhouse Brussels a try and enjoy naturally delicious food! We look forward to seeing you soon!


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