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Meet Solventure: member of Greenhouse Antwerp since 2018

18 March 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

At Greenhouse, we like to shine a light on our co-workers because we are proud of all the entrepreneurs and companies in our hubs.

Today it’s Solventure‘s turn: a company that holds a special place in our hearts. Why, you ask? Simple: Solventure is one of the most loyal Greenhousers – and has been using our co-working hub in Antwerp since 2018.

We spoke to senior supply chain consultant Charlotte Bolsens – and asked her about Solventure’s experiences with Greenhouse Antwerp, why they chose us back then – and for what reasons they still do so today. Here we go!


First things first: tell us about Solventure

Solventure is a Ghent-based consultancy company that focuses on optimising the Supply Chain within large companies and multinationals. We are experts in Sales and Operations Planning and represent the European market as an implementation partner of Arkieva, a US-based software company.

INSTA_Solventure INSTA_Solventure

Our team works for international production companies from various industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, customer product goods, food & beverage, etc.

Solventure highly values both quality for the customer and care for the employee: we combine hard work with pleasure and focus on growth and development on a daily basis.

Solventure is located in Ghent, but still you chose Greenhouse Antwerp. Why?

That’s right! As consultants we regularly have to make international business trips. Solventure wanted to avoid that, on top of all the travelling, we also have to endure heavy traffic jams on ‘normal office days’. Moreover, they were aware that Antwerp-Ghent is a time-consuming trip. That is why the company decided to give us the possibility to work from Antwerp for a few days. Very convenient!

Solventure’s HR department analysed various co-working offices, however we did have a say in the options for Antwerp. In total we visited four different locations with our Antwerp colleagues, but Greenhouse Antwerp really stood out. The ideal location, nice workspaces, bubbles and the restaurant were the deciding factors for choosing you as our permanent base.

Have a look at Greenhouse Antwerp

You are one of our most loyal members. Tell us about your experiences over the years?

Greenhouse Antwerp is really a great place to work. The large windows let in a lot of natural light and the possibility to work at a desk or in a relaxing chair is a nice extra. We are also frequent users of the phonebooths: handy when you have lots of meetings and don’t want to disturb your colleagues! We also like to use the possibility of renting a meeting room, for example when we have to prepare demos or when we have a long meeting with several people on the agenda.

I personally prefer to work at the various desks that are easily height-adjustable, so that you can switch between sitting and standing whenever you like. Healthy for the body and good for the brain!

Shanti Shanti

Good facilities are important – but of course they are not everything. We also want to emphasise the super pleasant atmosphere of Greenhouse Antwerp. For example, everyone knows the fantastic Hospitality Assistant Shanti: every morning she welcomes you with a ‘good morning’ and a nice chat – and she loves to solve problems for you. I like to call her the ‘mum’ of Greenhouse… (laughs) Besides that, it’s nice to get to know other co-workers. A quick chat in the kitchen at lunchtime, or a walk in the sunshine: such things create a bond.

But the biggest advantage of Greenhouse Antwerp? For me personally, that is the location. You are near the highway, however you can find great coffee bars or restaurants in the neighbourhood – all within walking distance. Besides Greenhouse CafĂ©, Koffiebar Basiel is also one of my personal favourites for a special coffee or a delicious salad!

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And, to wrap it up, is there anything else you would like to say?

Perhaps you could reflect on other parking options? A permanent parking space in the Greenhouse car park is expensive – and if you want to park on the street, it can be a long time searching for a space. But, either way, I would definitely recommend you to colleagues and/or contacts in my network!

And, oh yes: several times a year Solventure organises a three-day training course in the Greenhouse meeting rooms: our Accelerator Days. These are training and workshop days where different people come together. More information can be found on our website.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and loyalty, good luck!

Overview of all meeting rooms in Greenhouse Antwerp

Are you looking for a great and conveniently located co-working space in Antwerp as well?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we are happy to listen to your story and show you around in one of our hubs. After all, we don’t only have co-working in Antwerp, but also in Brussels and Mechelen. Curious? Then we’ll hear from you soon!