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No chance for corona at Greenhouse through extra measures

08 May 2020 | All locations

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Greenhouse wasn’t allowed to receive customers and guests in recent weeks. The members of the Greenhouse co-working, on the other hand, have had unlimited access to the hubs during this period, as they were used to.

With the reopening of our hubs for everyone ahead, we never stopped working behind the scenes and especially in the last few weeks we have been very busy implementing a lot of new security measures.

Wondering what initiatives we have taken to ensure the safety of our Greenhouse customers? We have list them here.

Additional signage and extra attention to cleaning

We placed additional signs in the common parts of the buildings, so that all new directives are clear at all times:

  • Roll-up displays in the common entrance;
  • Displays on the elevators to ensure correct use;
  • Posters with guidelines in the stairwells;
  • Specific posters at the sanitary facilities;
  • Floor stickers to guarantee social distancing.

We provided disinfectant alcohol at the entrance areas and these are always supplemented. In addition, we leave the doors open – where possible – to provide our rooms with sufficient ventilation.

Furthermore, we gave our cleaning companies strict instructions regarding the additional cleaning of objects and surfaces that are frequently touched: vending machines, door handles, handrails, lift buttons, taps, etc. both in the common areas and in the hubs themselves.

Measures in the meeting rooms

In addition, Greenhouse also takes a number of specific measures to guarantee social distancing for our co-workers and customers:

  • Sitting next to each other in the co-working spaces is still possible, but we ask you to leave a chair between you and your neighbour.
  • The number of people allowed in the meeting rooms will be halved.
  • Only one person is allowed to sit in a phonebubble.

To provide extra protection for our Hospitality Assistants as well, we have provided a partition wall in plexiglass at the reception desk of each hub.

We believe that these new measures – together with your own efforts – can provide a safe working environment in which you can once again focus 100% on your activities. Do you have any recommendations or questions?

Don’t hesitate to let us know: we are constantly looking for further optimizations to make our coworkers feel safe at Greenhouse.

The restaurants remain closed

The restaurants in our hubs will remain closed until further notice. Just like you, we will follow up on any novelties. For the time being, we are focusing on making and keeping the hubs safe.

A few more general tips to remember

Finally, we’ll give you some general tips that you should keep in mind in any social context:

  • Everything depends on social distancing. Can’t you respect this because circumstances don’t allow it? Then use mouth masks.
  • Preferably get into an elevator alone – or with 2 people, back to back.
  • Preferably use the stairs – and give priority to the person coming from above.
  • Avoid contact with things that have been touched by others.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
  • Avoid arriving at the office at the same time and try to provide several entrances.
  • Leave doors safely open.
  • Consider entering “one-way traffic” in places where many people pass by.

Do you have any other tips for us that we can implement in the Greenhouse hubs? Let us know for sure, that can only make us stronger!

May we welcome you again soon?

From Monday May 11th, your trusted Hospitality Assistant will be at reception every working day from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm to welcome you – and answer any questions you may have. Are you planning to drop by again, or are you still having second thoughts?Send an email to to make sure your place is reserved.

See you soon? We look forward to it!

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