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pi life sciences consultancy went from the co-working space to a serviced office in Greenhouse Antwerp

4 March 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

At first pi life sciences consultancy, a company with several offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, came to Greenhouse Antwerp for a few spaces in our co-working. Recently, they decided to upgrade to a serviced office: this would meet their needs even better. During an interview, we asked about their experiences at Greenhouse Antwerp – and the decision to move to a serviced office. Curious? Be sure to read on!


Hi Gert! Tell us a bit more about pi life sciences consultancy

pi life sciences consultancy pi life sciences consultancy

pi life sciences consultancy currently has a team of over 150 consultants – and is active in the life science industry, among others. Furthermore we also work with some prominent players in the pharmaceutical sector. We offer three services throughout the product life cycle of a medication depending on the needs of the partner.

First, we have our ‘temporary support’: on a day-to-day basis, our colleagues provide the support our partner is looking for in areas such as R&D, engineering, manufacturing, packaging, supply chain as well as supporting departments such as quality assurance, quality control, regulatory affairs, tech transfer and IT.

The second service we offer is the ‘project-based’ approach’, where our colleagues use their talents and acquired knowledge to work towards results. Here, they focus on providing pragmatic advice, allowing our partner to position the product and/or service at no extra cost – and as a result meet the expectations of the regulatory authorities and the market. The potential elaboration of this advice also belongs to the possibilities.

Finally, the partner can contact us for ‘business process outsourcing’: this allows the partner, in the context of compliance, to optimise costs and increase efficiency – so they can concentrate on growing their core business.


How did you end up at Greenhouse?

For our colleagues living in the Antwerp area, the daily trip between Antwerp and Ghent meant a waste of time. That is why we were looking for a new operating base in Antwerp. We have visited several co-working spaces, but your location near the Singel in Antwerp was the decisive factor.


Of course, location is not everything: we also appreciated the setup of your co-working space. Moreover, we also got the opportunity to use a meeting room on a daily basis – which was an extra asset for us. We didn’t think any longer than necessary – and signed up for a co-working membership at Greenhouse Antwerp.

Take a look at Greenhouse Antwerp

How have you experienced our co-working space?

The advantages of this pleasant and quiet workplace are numerous. To start with, all the facilities you expect are provided: coffee, printers, ergonomic chairs, desks, and so on. Another advantage is the fact that you are located in a vibrant working environment. The hub itself is quiet, but you are close to the city centre. Everything is nearby – and the cosy Greenhouse café is also buzzing at lunchtime, giving you the chance to meet new people. Hopefully they can open their doors again soon…

The Greenhouse team is also worth mentioning: they are very helpful! If, for example, someone needs to be received, they will follow up without any problems. Always polite and with a smile!

Hospitality assistant Shanti Hospitality assistant Shanti

The only thing that could be different for us personally, is the fact that there are no dedicated external monitors as a result of the clean desk policy. You can provide your own, but then you have to take them with you at the end of the day – which is not so obvious for me, as I usually travel by bike. It is possible to rent a locker for storing your screen, but we chose not to.

And then: from co-working to serviced office. Why did you make this decision?

Well, first we need to tell you about our growth story – which we are quite proud of! In 2004, we founded Pharma Insight and gradually grew into a respected consultancy firm. In 2014 we rebranded to pi and opened an office in the Netherlands in 2019. During that very same year, we became part of the House Of HR group – and continued to grow sustainably.

Currently we are active at more than 40 partners spread across Flanders, the Netherlands and Wallonia. Every day, we strongly focus on innovation and always put our consultant first. And that is what it is all about. Our motto is:

“Constantly investing, constantly improving, if you build your employees, they will build your business”

That’s why we strongly focus on master classes and give free webinars developed by our colleagues: these are always focused on very specific content within the life science industry.

And it’s precisely because we always put our consultants first – and focus on their talent and growth – that we ultimately chose this serviced office. Our talent managers needed a dedicated room where they could take their interviews: a place of their own that was always available, so that they could fully focus on the applicant sitting in front of them.


How do you experience your serviced office so far?

Very well! We now have our own, very quiet environment to work in. Few distractions and all necessary facilities are nearby. Moreover, you can now just leave your external screen, paperwork, etc. until the next day. You can do what you like, it’s very relaxing!

Of course, every medal has a reverse side and that’s no different here: the biggest disadvantage of the serviced office for us is that there is much less interaction than in the co-working. Normal, of course – and also partly the reason why we made the shift – but it does take some getting used to! (laughs)

More information about serviced offices

What are Greenhouse’s greatest strengths? And points of improvement?

If you ask me, Greenhouse comes with a lot of strengths! I am a real fan of the different packages, which support scaling your business seamlessly. In addition, the Greenhouse team is very helpful – and the in-house restaurant is definitely a plus.

Overview of Greenhouse Café Overview of Greenhouse Café

Furthermore, it’s always possible to seclude yourself somewhere when you need to make a call or need to focus. And there are also meeting rooms you can book if you need to brainstorm or organise a video call with your colleagues at other locations.

In general, Greenhouse Antwerp has a nice atmosphere where it really feels like coming home. That combined with the great connection, makes it the perfect workplace for us! If there were extra monitors in some places, I personally would give the location a 10/10! (laughs)

Interested in Greenhouse Antwerp? Book a tour!

Do you have anything else to contribute?

Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re doing it great! I would definitely recommend Greenhouse to entrepreneurs within my own network who are looking for a cosy and quiet working environment at a fantastic location.


Are you also looking for a comfortable co-working space or a serviced office?

Then Greenhouse might be what you are looking for. Leave your contact details – and we will contact you as soon as possible to explain all the possibilities. See you soon?