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27 September 2018 | Greenhouse Antwerp 

Run along for a good cause!

On 22 and 23 september 2018 takes (at the Sporta-domain in Tongerlo) the 7th Edition of the RUN TO WALK AGAIN place. The ‘ run ‘ is a estafetten tour, consisting of 7 marathons, where 1 marathon is traveled by a handbiker Marathon.

Greenhouse does a warm appeal to its community to with as much as possible, sporting entrepreneurs and active employees. Who participates supports the non-profit organization TO WALK AGAIN, those people with a physical disability the opportunity to play sports (

What can you expect? Each marathon is made up of 4 loops of 10 km (ca. 1 h per loop). You can choose the distance you wish to run. You can run 5 km, 10 km or 12, 73 km? Or why not 2 km, pause, 2 km, pause, … Every kilometer counts!

Do you think ‘ Oh no ‘, nice action, but I’m not sporty at all? Also than you’re welcome – together with your colleagues and/or with your family. There are food trucks and also quite a few fine entertainment for the little ones.

Losers will not be there on 22 and 23 september, only winners! RUN TO WALK AGAIN is an event where friendship, sportsmanship and solidarity is. Whether you’re in a wheelchair or not, everyone is going for the same purpose. And exactly that makes this ‘ run ‘ so special.

Do you feel like running alone or together with your team to take part? Then sign up for the Info session or contact to Nils Hertogs, Hospitality Coordinator for Greenhouse.

0800 50 516

Sporty greetings,

Het Greenhouse Team