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Safe offices at Greenhouse

24 April 2020 | All locations

Never has the importance of a safe, hygienic work environment been clearer than in these past weeks. The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on co-working spaces and offices around the world, and in only a short time our lives have been entirely transformed. Ways of working have been turned upside down, while washing our hands has become a reflex. In this context, however, Greenhouse had already started implementing precautions before the official coronavirus measures went into effect.

Let’s begin with what a “healthy work environment” means in the context of the coronavirus.
For many businesses, that now involves “just” working from home. People are also practicing social distancing, making sure they have the right tools to hand, maintaining healthy eating habits and paying attention to acoustics and ergonomics.

Co-working spaces face a greater, additional challenge, namely continuing to provide quality service despite the pressures of a global pandemic. From experienced freelancers to promising start-ups, our regular visitors have long considered our co-working spaces their familiar work environment. We want to preserve this, but in a new way, one that allows for literally ‘healthy working’. Here we are relying on common sense and equally sensible measures. This already described Greenhouse at the start of 2020, just before spring arrived and #stayhome took a permanently serious turn.

Valuing health & safety

Even before the lockdown became imminent, we were working to prepare our offices. We laid in supplies of hand sanitiser and encouraged all our visitors to wash their hands regularly. As long as we are consistent, these two measures remain important weapons in combatting COVID-19.

When the crisis first started, it didn’t take long for us to decide to close off access to the meeting rooms. This was because, without sufficient daily monitoring, these rooms simply carry too high a risk of contamination. Our co-working rooms remained available, however.

Our 24/7 access is perhaps the most distinctive feature of Greenhouse’s co-working spaces, and we refuse to abandon that. Provided, of course, that we continue to adhere to strict precautions, both during and after the crisis, and perhaps even long after.

Due to the increased risk, we have however decided to suspend access for visitors with day passes for the time being. Though this was no easy decision, we aim to contribute to limiting the spread of the virus in this way.

Additionally, we are cleaning our offices more frequently and disinfecting all the door handles in our communal areas at regular intervals.

We strive to comply with government guidelines to the fullest and safeguard our visitors’ health while still facilitating their economic activities. Hopefully, we will continue to succeed in this.

Co-working prepared to face the future

What’s next? Just like everybody else, we cannot easily predict what the future will hold. What we do know is that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on everyone, and Greenhouse is no exception here. And what about our firm belief in the benefits of co-working? That remains unchanged!

In fact, the crisis has only strengthened our conviction that flexibility and well-being are key to the future of any work environment, even when that future entails such challenges as these.

We are currently hard at work on Greenhouse’s measures to deal with the next stage of the coronavirus crisis. We’ll be sure to keep you informed!

Do you have any questions about our current measures? If so please go here or send Greenhouse an email at

Safety measures: Together against corona