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Why did IT-consultancy company Mind.Shift chose for co-working in Greenhouse Mechelen?

4 February 2021 | Greenhouse Mechelen

Mind.Shift is an IT-consultancy company that offers tailor-made technical solutions to guarantee the quality and speed of digital products.

The company differentiates itself from other IT companies by focusing on 3 core values: commitment, involvement and strategy. The team consists of dedicated experts with strong technical skills who are passionate and motivated about their job and who actively think along with the developers.

In January 2021 we welcomed them in Greenhouse Mechelen – despite the uncertainties related to the corona crisis. We spoke to founder Kiefer – and asked him why he opted for co-working in this turbulent period.

Hi Kiefer! First of all, please introduce yourself and Mind.Shift.

Hi, I am Kiefer and I started Mind.Shift in the beginning of 2020. I have a development background and four years of experience as a consultant. After that period, I decided to follow my own path and started Mind.Shift.

Kiefer Beernaert Kiefer Beernaert

We focus on the commitment and expertise of the consultant: just doing your job is fine, but having an employee who actually commits to a project, that’s what we stand for. When we engage in a project, we become a part of it. And that is exactly what makes us so unique in the world of IT consultancy.

What motivated you to opt for a co-working membership at Greenhouse?

Well, many reasons. First of all, we wanted to have the possibility to work in a professional – and safe – setting: we sensed the need to maintain the necessary contacts. Secondly, co-working is a perfect solution for the experts who have to sit ‘on the bench’ for a certain period of time while waiting for a new project. For those who are in between two project we can still offer an office environment.

But what really convinced us was the progressiveness of your memberships. When you choose for co-working at Greenhouse, you can easily and quickly scale up or down when your organisation needs it. Your organisation and its needs are taken into account – and that flexibility is something in which Greenhouse is, as far as we are concerned, unique.

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Why did you choose Greenhouse Mechelen as your location?

There were two main factors for us to choose Greenhouse Mechelen. To start with: the office. The environment is trendy, pleasant and equipped with every comfort. All the necessary facilities are here: fast Internet, adjustable desks, extra screens in the phone booths, … great for an IT profile! (laughs)

We also found the location in Mechelen ideal. Many co-working spaces are located in the city centre, something we did not want. Greenhouse Mechelen is close to the motorway, which makes the hub very easily accessible. And that’s what we were looking for!

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How did you discover Greenhouse and what was your first impression?

Hospitality assistant Mana Hospitality assistant Mana

We used Google to find a co-working space that met all our needs. After a thorough comparison between the available co-working spaces, we decided to contact Greenhouse. We immediately received a response from the Greenhouse team and the contact was excellent. The enthusiasm was overwhelming and everything was explained to us in a crystal clear way. It was a wonderful collaboration – and this is the way I like to do business!

What will the future bring for Mind.Shift?

At the moment we are just two, but that will change quickly. A third colleague is coming soon – and we will welcome some interns as well. And they will, of course, get a co-working membership as well!


Would you like to share a message with Greenhouse?

Mechelen Campus Toren Mechelen Campus Toren

A big thank you for the fantastic service – and keep on doing what you’re doing. I believe in the power of co-working and I am convinced that this trend will grow even more. So… I’m looking forward to seeing the Greenhouse logo appear on even more locations in the future! (laughs)

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Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can get started as soon as possible in one of our co-working hubs. See you soon?