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The auditorium in Greenhouse BXL, the perfect event location for large groups according to Candor

17 November 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

Recently, Candor, a property developer in investment property and specialised in the construction of hotels, flats and student houses in Flanders, hosted an event in the auditorium of Greenhouse BXL.

Our hub was not unknown to them. After all, the company’s head office is located barely one kilometre from Greenhouse BXL. Moreover, they have two development projects in the neighbourhood, one of which is even next to our building.

Why did our neighbour Candor choose the auditorium as its event space? And how did they experience this event space and the accompanying Greenhouse services? We asked Jan Vlaminck, Asset Manager & Development at Candor, who coordinated the event.


‘Both professional and cosy, those are the assets of Greenhouse BXL as an event location’

“I already know Greenhouse BXL for a while. When we were looking for a location for an event to celebrate the delivery of a project near Greenhouse BXL, this hub was immediately top of mind.”

Logo_Candor_auditorium Logo_Candor_auditorium

We were looking for a large event space for 100 guests that radiated both professionalism and cosiness. This unique combination was only found in Greenhouse BXL. But there were also other convincing reasons: the openness and spaciousness of the entrance hall and the auditorium give a feeling of comfort and security, which we also took into account because of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In the reception lounge, we were able to give our guests a warm welcome’

“On the day of the event, we provided a registration desk in the entrance hall where also the necessary safety instructions were given to the guests. Afterwards, they were guided to the reception lounge where we offered them a coffee as a welcome. It was not very extensive but ISS arranged everything perfectly. But it was a pity we had to arrange the catering ourselves with ISS. For us it would be an added value if this would be part of the ‘total package’ in the future.”


‘The auditorium has everything to host large events flawlessly’

“The event itself also went smoothly and we look back on it with very positive feelings. In fact, the auditorium exceeded our expectations. This event space is really equipped to receive and address large groups.”

“There were even technical gadgets that we were not used to (laughs). But the biggest plus of all was undoubtedly the fantastic acoustics! Even without a microphone, the speaker could be heard clearly from the back row. Soundproofing is often inadequate in large spaces, so really, AMAZING!”

More about the auditorium

‘A clearer signposting to the car park and entrance is recommended’

“In short, the event was more than successful! But if I may give a point of constructive criticism, it is the limited and unclear indication of the parking facilities and how to reach the entrance. For many guests it was the first time they had come here and we heard several times that they had difficulty finding their way around and to the hub.”


‘We will come back’

Arthur Vermeylen – Greenhouse Brussel-1 Arthur Vermeylen – Greenhouse Brussel-1

“Overall, a very positive experience. Given our neighbouring projects, there’s a good chance we’ll be back 😊 To finish, a big thank you to Hospitality Assistant Maria-Pia. We won’t forget her kindness and helpfulness any time soon.”

Are you, like Candor, looking for an event location for a large group?

Then come and check out Greenhouse BXL! During a guided tour you can admire our beautiful event spaces with your own eyes and discover all the extra facilities that will make your event a success. Interested? Schedule a tour when it suits you by clicking the button below. We look forward to seeing you then!