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The top 3 functionalities in the Greenhouse co-working spaces

23 March 2021 | All locations

In our Greenhouse hubs, you can work flexibly in a stimulating and inspiring environment. But how do our co-workers feel about that?

When talking to our members about their experiences with Greenhouse, they often mentioned the same functionalities they really appreciate and are eager to use. We are happy to present the top 3 to you!

#1: keeping brain and body healthy thanks to adjustable desks

To begin with: in our co-working spaces you can use adjustable desks. The health and well-being of our co-workers is of great importance to us – so it’s only natural that we provide ergonomic office furniture that meets the needs.

Adjustable desks are an ergonomically smart choice. By switching between sitting and standing work, you improve your blood circulation and reduce the risk of physical complaints. Members prefer sit-stand desks to use during brainstorm sessions: thinking while standing allows creativity to flow more smoothly – and distractions are less likely. Is the brainstorm session over? Then simply lower the desk so you can slide your chair back in to continue working.

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#2: More focus by using our phonebooths

The phonebooths are also used extensively. They are a perfect solution for one of the most discussed disadvantages of co-working: background noise. When you work with several people in the same space, there is a chance that you will be distracted by other co-worker and conversations. Especially when you have to make regular phone calls or attend an online meeting, this is not ideal.

Phone booth – belbubbel Phone booth – belbubbel

The phonebooths in Greenhouse are individual rooms that are acoustically designed for working in complete privacy. You won’t be distracted by conversations in the background – but other co-workers won’t hear you talking on the phone either. This is how we minimise frustration and distractions – but optimise the possibilities for full focus at work. And it pays off, if the reactions are to be believed (and we do)!

#3: Growing creative ideas in brainstorming spaces

Since our meeting rooms are still closed for security reasons, we notice that co-workers have found their way to the brainstorming rooms when they need a bit more privacy for a team meeting, for example. In Greenhouse BXL, co-workers can separate in the ‘brainstorm’, a room especially equipped for this occasion, which can be closed off with curtains.

At Greenhouse Mechelen and Antwerp, co-workers use the open spaces on the first floor. These are places where a limited number of people can gather for a meeting without disturbing the other co-workers. Of course, our co-workers respect the safety measures.

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