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The Visual Lawyer went from co-working to a serviced office in Greenhouse Antwerp

21 September 2021 | Greenhouse Antwerp

Greenhouse offers three types of work spaces: co-working, serviced offices or a customised office. So everyone can choose the space they need, nothing more or less. And do you want to upscale or downscale according to your needs? Then, of course, that’s no problem.

Today we speak with Dominique, founder of The Visual Lawyer. She started as a co-worker in Mechelen and recently decided to scale up to her own serviced office in Greenhouse Antwerp. Wondering why she did that and why she keeps choosing Greenhouse day after day? She will gladly tell you herself…

Who is The Visual Lawyer?

Dominique founded The Visual Lawyer in September 2019 driven by a new need in the legal world. She rewrites complex legal texts in human language – visualising key concepts and processes. The end result is a visually attractive document that is easy to read and understand – even for non-lawyers.

In Belgium, this is still relatively new and there are few players doing the same. The Visual Lawyer is therefore progressive and innovative in Belgium – and we are proud to take them under our wing!

More about Greenhouse Antwerp

‘Serviced offices are the perfect combination of privacy and social contact’

Dominique is no stranger to Greenhouse: she used to be a co-worker in Mechelen and regularly rented a meeting room. She found us via Google and was immediately hooked on the Mechelen location which was only ten minutes from her home. When she decided to switch to a serviced office, she nevertheless chose our hub in Antwerp: It sounds crazy, but I missed the feeling of being ‘on the road’ to work. Now I use the travel time to and from Antwerp to clear my head’.

She switched to a serviced office for a number of reasons. On the one hand, the convenience: it is simply convenient to have your own place where you can just leave your things. In addition, you also have more privacy in a serviced office. To start with, I am no longer distracted by the people sitting around me – but in a serviced office the confidentiality of client files is guaranteed anyway. In the co-working space, I had to clear my desk every time I wanted to leave to protect the confidentiality of my work. Now I don’t have to worry about that any more.


‘The fresh look of the meeting rooms surprises my clients time and time again’

Dominique is more than enthusiastic about our meeting rooms, which she already used as a co-worker. Not only about the various options, from very small to very large, but also about the extra conveniences that come with it. The catering, the good accessibility and the parking facilities are just a few of them… but the absolute number one is the reaction she invariably gets from her clients when they walk into the meeting room.

“My clients are always very enthusiastic about your meeting rooms and the young and fresh look of Greenhouse in general. The meeting rooms are experienced as comfortable, pleasant to sit in and equipped with the necessary technology. The boardroom in Antwerp with lounge annex is number one.”

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‘Top price-quality and shared values’

When we ask Dominique why she chose a Greenhouse serviced office, we are not left disappointed. She mentions her very positive experiences from the past, with emphasis on the good cooperation and flexibility. In addition, The Visual Lawyer and Greenhouse share the same values, such as customer focus and sustainability. I enjoy walking into your office: a sea of natural light and green in the interior is fantastic for your mood and creativity! The price-quality ratio of Greenhouse is excellent – and undoubtedly one of the best on the market.


‘The strength of Greenhouse lies in the countless possibilities’

According to Dominique, the countless possibilities that Greenhouse offers are our greatest strengths: ‘When you grow, you can easily switch to another concept, like I just did. In addition, this flexibility, in terms of work but also of environment, is also very pleasant: I can switch carefree between Brussels, Mechelen and Antwerp. That is super convenient!

Various types of workspaces at Greenhouse

Interested in a serviced office at Greenhouse?

Do not hesitate to come and tell us about it. We will tell you more about the different hubs in Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen – and then look at what you need to work optimally. This way, we will come up with the ultimate solution for your personal situation. Sounds good? Then let us hear from you soon, we can’t wait to meet you!