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Our Greenhousers can take the train for free this autumn!


To encourage people to take the train more often, SNCB is organizing the ‘Take the Train’ action. This promotion gives companies the opportunity to offer their employees a free 1-month trial subscription. Because the benefits of public transport go much further than just the environment. As an employer you enjoy numerous benefits, such as a tax benefit, reduced parking, fuel and maintenance costs of the fleet, reduced stress among employees who can use their travel time efficiently.

Euh. Why did I take the car again ?!



It is no longer news that Greenhouse is strongly committed to sustainability. We even went so far as to incorporate the term in our name! Sustainable mobility is of course a crucial part of this. Due to the location of the various Greenhouse locations, we want to encourage our Greenhousers to move as much as possible to our co-working hubs in a green and sustainable way.

That is why we did not hesitate for a second to offer the ‘Try the train’ action of the SNCB. What does it mean? Our members can enjoy a free trial subscription of SNCB during the month of November. For example, they experience what it is like to leave the car behind and make more use of the rail network.

Special weekend subscriptions are provided for those who already have traces to work. Because good – read: sustainable and green behavior – should certainly be rewarded!



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