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What is co-working and what can you expect at Greenhouse?

This is why it is such a popular form of working for freelancers, the self-employed and small businesses such as start-ups. For young entrepreneurs, a co-working space is the perfect solution, both in terms of financial resources and building their professional network – but of course, larger companies can also start within a co-working hub – and later scale up to a serviced office or regular office.

Which type of office matches me?

Co-working is the answer to the demand for more flexibility in a digital age

Nowadays, a co-working space is much more than just a workplace. Today, this concept is more and more synonymously with sociability, networking and, above all, the experience. Which means you can expect every co-working hub to offer original activities beyond the workspace. From workshops to webinars, from having breakfast together to afterwork drinks: you can’t think of anything more fun. In a co-working hub, the idea is to feel at ease – and to be able to combine pleasure with professionalism. And that’s something we at Greenhouse know better than anyone, which is why you can always enjoy a wide variety of community activities with us.


The advantages of co-working at Greenhouse in a nutshell

By now, you already know everything about co-working: its history and what the concept entails. But what does it look like in reality, and what are the benefits for you as an organisation? Well, we invite you to come and join us for a day – and discover everything in real life. We list the advantages of the co-working spaces at Greenhouse, so you know exactly what to expect.


Networking has never been easier

Greenhouse networking event Greenhouse networking event

As a (starting or experienced) entrepreneur you know it better than anyone: networking is extremely important to let your organisation grow.

By sitting at your computer every day, you meet few new people – and you may not run into any unexpected opportunities.

Yet, especially in today’s society, networking events are not always easy to find.

functionaliteiten functionaliteiten

We also think about the little things: extra screens for presentations, flipcharts to let creativity flow, different types of meeting rooms, a ‘chill room’ to relax, and so on.

In addition, you can also enjoy nice extras such as a reception, Bringme boxes, showers, a fitness room, catering possibilities, the option to use Greenhouse as a registered office, and so on.


And are you still missing a certain facility and are you convinced that it will increase your focus? Be sure to let us know!

The location is very convenient, and the building exudes luxury and professionalism. You really have everything here: bubbles, meeting rooms, mood boards, … Especially those mood boards are the hottest thing for me: I use them almost daily to write down my creative processes and get new concepts out of them.” – Sarah, Narcisse


Make use of meeting rooms

And speaking of those facilities… at Greenhouse you can also find many different meeting rooms. After all, separate rooms for brainstorming, or for presenting matters to your client, are indispensable for a well-functioning company – and we know that all too well.

That’s why you’ll find some meeting rooms of various capacities in all the hubs.

All you have to do? Book them in time for your meeting. We will do the rest! Oh , important to mention: you can use these meeting rooms for free for two hours a day. That is simply included in your monthly abonnement. Great, right?

The multiple meeting rooms with different capacities is a real plus and ensures comfort and good organisation of our meetings.” – Walter, 2Aspire

Comfortable meeting rooms have never been more important

Enjoy the necessary peace and quietness in the focus rooms

“But, Greenhouse, I’m so easily distracted”. No problem! If you are someone who is easily distracted by conversations in your immediate surroundings, our focus rooms or phonebooths are the perfect solution.

Thanks to the clever acoustic design of these areas, you will immediately feel as if you are in an oasis of peace.

In this way, we help you to maintain your focus, without having to go into complete isolation: when you step out of your focus room, you immediately find yourself back in the vibrant energy of our co-working spaces. The best of both worlds, some will say.

The bubbles in Greenhouse are individual spaces designed acoustically so that you can work there in complete privacy. You won’t be distracted by conversations in the background – but your fellow co-workers won’t hear you talking on the phone either. That’s how we minimise frustration and distractions – but optimise the opportunities to go for full focus on the shop floor.” – Greenhouse

The top 3 functionalities in the Greenhouse co-working spaces

Work where, when and how you want to

The biggest advantage of co-working? It is, unanimously, being able to do what you feel like doing. After all, with your co-working membership, you decide how, where and when you work. You have access to our three hubs 24/24, so don’t take us into account.

Greenhouse Antwerp entry Greenhouse Antwerp entry

This way, you work at the rhythm you need and in the environment that suits your tasks at that moment. Early bird or night owl? A week without and then every day again? All right, Greenhouse welcomes you exactly when you need us. And… your membership gives you access to all our locations, so you don’t have to choose between Antwerp, Mechelen or Brussels!

Event in reception lounge in Greenhouse BXL Event in reception lounge in Greenhouse BXL

We do not only offer the location (we have spaces from 2 to 250 people available), but if necessary we also help you with the organisation of the event.

So don’t forget us when events come around again, because we can’t wait to contribute to your unforgettable day!

Coworking Greenhouse Antwerp Coworking Greenhouse Antwerp

For us, there were several decisive factors for choosing Greenhouse Mechelen. To start with: the office. The environment is trendy, pleasant and equipped with every comfort. All the necessary infrastructure resources are there: fast internet, adjustable desks, extra screens, … all fantastic for an IT profile!” – Mind.Shift

Your body will thank you

In the Greenhouse co-working hubs, the physical health of each member is paramount. We not only want to make sure that you can work comfortably and undisturbed, but we also take it upon ourselves to keep your body in optimal health. That is why we only offer high quality and ergonomic office furniture.

Opportunities in Greenhouse

The doors of Greenhouse are open to anyone looking for a new workplace. Our hubs in Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen offer interesting and spacious co-working spaces, but that’s not all. As a company, you can also grow into (or start right away in) a serviced office or a classic, regular office of your own. Depending on the budgets and needs of your organisation, we can offer you the perfect office solution.


Curious about our co-working spaces?

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we are happy to tell you more about our co-working spaces in Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels. See you soon?

Greenhouse BXL
Greenhouse BXL
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Coworking space in Greenhouse BXL
De vergaderruimte Newton in Greenhouse BXL
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Coworkingruimte in Greenhouse Antwerp
Lounge in Greenhouse Antwerp
Boardroom in Greenhouse Antwerp
Inkomhal Greenhouse Mechelen
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Coworking space
An overview of the Novigo meeting room in Greenhouse Mechelen