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Why did clothing brand Narcisse choose for co-working in Greenhouse BXL?

10 February 2021 | Greenhouse BXL

In the Greenhouse co-working spaces, you will find different types of organisations and entrepreneurs: from business to creation, from young to old – and everything in between. Today we introduce you to Narcisse: new member of Greenhouse and in the retail sector. This new and young clothing brand is eager to conquer the market with its vision and fashion – and has chosen Greenhouse BXL as its professional base to let its creativity flow.

We welcomed Narcisse in January 2021 in the co-working space of Greenhouse BXL – despite the difficulties caused by the corona crisis. We spoke with founder Sarah and asked her why she chose for co-working and Greenhouse in this turbulent period.

Hi Sarah! First of all, tell us a bit more about yourself and Narcisse.

My name is Sarah and I am 24 years old. I studied law and marketing, but decided recently to go for my true passion: fashion.

The vision behind my brand came from Greek mythology. I have always been intrigued by the portrayal of women in these stories: Women like Aphrodite, goddess of love, Pandora, an irresistible beauty marked by her naivety and forgetfulness or the Amazons: powerful women and legendary warriors. To me, this kind of universality, is what ‘ woman’ is all about: someone naive or intelligent, someone who can make devastating mistakes, but at the same time saves the world. They are all different and unique, but for me they embody the universality of the woman that we should cherish.

Logo Narcisse shop (met hub) Logo Narcisse shop (met hub)

I also focus on the Greek concept of psychosexual development: the moment when man learns – and chooses – to love himself. Or, in other words… self-love.

Behind this vision you will find the clothing brand Narcisse: a luxurious online shop with items at budget-friendly prices. Currently we are working with small designers, which we label under Narcisse. The goal is to eventually have our own in-house designers. is live – and the concept will continue to exist online only.

Wat was jouw motivatie om te kiezen voor een coworking abonnement bij Greenhouse?

I believe that maintaining the separation between work and private life is very important, even during the corona crisis. My home stands for rest and cosiness, while co-working stands for work and productivity. This separation ensures that I stay focused and attentive. In addition, I think co-working is a fun way to get to know other talents.

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How did you end up with us and why did you choose Greenhouse BXL?

I had done some research online and contacted several co-working spaces in and around Brussels, including yours. After a tour in the hub, I was immediately hooked. To be completely honest, I only needed a few minutes to be fully convinced of Greenhouse: you had everything I was looking for!

The location is very convenient, and the building reflects luxury and professionalism. You really have everything here: bubbles, meeting rooms, mood boards, … Especially those mood boards are the best thing for me: I use them almost on a daily basis to write down my creative processes and to come up with new concepts. In addition, the shared kitchen is very cosy and homey: I can comfortably relax in the sofa with a coffee before I start working. So in Greenhouse BXL I can feel at home as well as at work!

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What are your experiences up to now?

Greenhouse BXL coworking Greenhouse BXL coworking

So far I can only share positive experiences. The fact that the hubs are open 24 hours a day is a huge plus for me: I can have meetings during the day and continue working in the evening, at ease and undisturbed – until I say it is enough. And there is a great atmosphere. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that all the places are always spotlessly clean, whether you come in the morning or in the evening. And that can also count in terms of a sense of security!

What does your future look like?

At the moment, I am still working on my own and co-working meets all my needs. But like (almost) every company, I too have growth plans in mind. I would like to hire an extra colleague in six months, and in a year maybe even two or three – depending on how things go. If this is the case, I can still see myself switching to your serviced offices. I had the chance to take a look at these too during the tour – and I was impressed. So when circumstances are favourable, I would very much like to upgrade! (laughs)

Do you have a message for Greenhouse?

Greenhouse BXL coworking Greenhouse BXL coworking

I have nothing but good things to say. By choosing Greenhouse co-working, my productivity has gone way up, which is reflected in my results. In addition, a big compliment for the all-round service, and the Greenhouse team. No question goes unanswered, and all my needs are taken care of quickly. A big thank you!

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