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Why has DWS group been choosing the co-working space of Greenhouse Mechelen since 2016?

7 April 2021 | Greenhouse Mechelen

Bringing order and structure into the thousands of documents circulating in your company, that sounds like quite a challenge, right? Well, not for DWS group: a company that specialises in ‘Document Management Systems’.

We would like to introduce you to Glenn De Wit, the driving force behind DWS, and one of our most loyal Greenhouse members: Glenn has been working in our co-working space in Mechelen since 2016.

Why does he still choose Greenhouse after all these years? He will tell you that himself!


Hi Glenn! Tell us a bit more about yourself and DWS group.

Hello, I am the founder of DWS group. Our core business? We support companies in bringing order and structure into their documents, which may or may not be digitised.

Mechelen Campus_Toren 02 Mechelen Campus_Toren 02

Today, we are situated somewhere between business & IT: we are the bridge between the needs of the business on the one hand, and the eventual IT solution on the other.

I almost always work with partners and external developers which allows me to scale up or down according to the project. I am responsible for managing these various external forces.

How did you end up at Greenhouse?

A colleague who already knew Greenhouse told me a lot of good things about it. His experiences encouraged me to have a look.

The first time I visited the co-working space in Mechelen, I felt it immediately: this is an extension of home. The decision was made quickly, and 5 years later I’m still happy about my choice. I keep coming here with a great pleasure, and I can’t think of any reason why I would look for another workplace…


Why are you still happy about your choice?

Greenhouse is a wonderful and cosy place to be. Everything you need to focus and relax is right here: a clean desk, phone booths, meeting rooms, but also the presence of other co-workers who, after a while, I consider to be colleagues.

On top, I would like to give Mana extra compliments: she gives all co-workers a warm welcome in the morning!

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Is there anything we can improve?

That’s a difficult question… I currently don’t miss anything at Greenhouse and I can’ t think of anything. It’s simple, I don’t need much: a laptop, fast internet, electricity and coffee. By the way, I really like the coffee at Greenhouse!


How do you experience co-working?

Co-working has nothing but advantages for me, and that is why it is such a success formula for DWS. I am easily distracted at home, so I like to be able to break out to a place that serves to focus on the job. This way of working provides the necessary flexibility and freedom.

There are few obligations and that feels so good!

Advantages of co-working

Would you recommend Greenhouse to professionals who are looking for a co-working space?

Of course, I have already recommended Greenhouse to others several times. Greenhouse is always top of mind for me, because I have been a client for years and am very satisfied. I can’t think of a negative word about Greenhouse.

Thank you for the nice talk, Glenn!


Do you need flexibility and freedom as well?

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