Co-working at Greenhouse: what do you need to know?

By offering co-working, serviced offices and regular offices at Greenhouse, we have suitable solutions for small, medium-sized and larger companies.
A co-working space may be the ideal solution for you! What are the advantages, when should you consider a co-working membership and what do you need to know about it? We are happy to share more with you!

What does ‘co-working’ mean?

When we use the term ‘co-working’, we are talking about a relatively new way of working, in which employees from different companies share the same office space.

Co-working is often an attractive office solution for freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and people who work from home most of the time or traveled. But co-working spaces can also be interesting for companies with a limited permanent staff.

For instance, as a co-worker you are part of a professional community, which gives you the opportunity to network with interesting companies.

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What are the main advantages of coworking?

Why should you choose a co-working space instead of a serviced office, regular office or working from home? Well, for many reasons. But we list the five most important ones for you. Would you like to know more about our co-working spaces, our packages – and whether they match your organisation? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. Unburdening is central

Within our co-working concept, ‘unburdening’ is key: we want to ensure that our co-workers only have to concentrate on their core activities. We’ll take care of everything related to office management.

2. Co-working is very budget-friendly

Simplicity and flexibility are the key concepts within this solution. For a monthly contribution of €175 (excluding VAT), you can use the co-working spaces 24/7, even on public holidays. In addition, you also get a wide range of services: from meeting rooms to coffee, from showers to changing rooms, from printers to a staffed reception desk.

3. Flexibility is what co-working is all about

Are you growing faster than anticipated? No problem: you can easily and quickly add co-workers to your membership. Would you like to cancel your subscription? That can be arranged just as quickly. To unburden you as much as possible, that’s what we are resolutely going for!

4. Good location and accessibility

The co-working hubs of Greenhouse are very conveniently located, close to important main roads and multiple public transport options. Thanks to the various locations, you have a broad choice when setting up a professional base. Do you opt for a monthly coworking membership? Then you have 24/7 access to all locations!

5. You are not alone

Working from home has really taken off in 2020, but to be honest, we all (occasionally) need social contact. In the co-working spaces of Greenhouse you can meet like-minded entrepreneurs with whom you can network if you feel the need. With a vast array of meeting rooms, you can invite your professional relatives with ease.


How do I start up as a co-worker at Greenhouse?

In a nutshell? It is very simple! When you are ready to become part of our co-working community, we are happy to show you what Greenhouse has to offer during a tour in one of our hubs.

Completely convinced of the many benefits? Then it’s up to you to choose between a monthly membership or to work with flexible day pass, depending on what you need.

Greenhouse Antwerp coworking space Greenhouse Antwerp coworking space

Do you want 24/7 access? Then it’s recommended to opt for a monthly subscription of €175 (excluding VAT). You also get free access to our meeting rooms for 2 hours a day. And of course, how could it be otherwise, you can enjoy Wi-Fi, free coffee and water, use of printers (not unlimited). Furthermore you can expect a couple of interesting extras such as: post management,
a locker, the presence of a Hospitality Assistant who is available to take care of all your worries or questions, …

Does co-working seem interesting to you but not for every day? Then you can work with
1 (or more) day pass(es). You won’t have 24/7 access to or daily use of our meeting rooms,
but you can come and co-work if it suits you and only pay 15 euros (excluding VAT) per day for these days.

Made a choice? Let us know, we will make sure that you can up and running in no time!

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What do our customers say about coworking at Greenhouse?


Jasper Dockx, founder of Twaalfde Man and co-worker in Greenhouse Antwerp:

“A co-working space like Greenhouse is financially attractive for me, but it’s also better for my focus and for networking. I’ve been finding my way to Greenhouse for over a year now. As a result, my company has grown rapidly, my network has expanded and I have already been able to attract new customers thanks to the Greenhouse community”.

Jan Laurens, founder of Toucan and co-worker in Greenhouse BXL:

“Thanks to the combination of friendly people and the high-quality, welcoming spaces, I didn’t hesitate for a second: here’s where I would set up my new office! I often work on site at the premises of my customers, but at Greenhouse it is like coming back home. This is and remains my favourite workplace.”


Interested in our co-working spaces?

Book a guided tour in the hub of your choice! We look forward to meeting you and telling you all about Greenhouse!