Greenhouse BXL

Berkenlaan 8A + 8B - 1831 Diegem

Greenhouse BXL takes care of your company and your well-being

Greenhouse BXL offers more than just flexible and high-quality work and event space.

By offering a wide range of services, such as a fitness, facility lockers and an ironing services, we aim to “unburden” you as much as possible.

This allows you to focus on your core activities.

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At Greenhouse, you can simply use our reliable reception. In that way you don’t have to invest in your own reception service.

Catering options

A productive working day needs a good lunch and a great event needs proper catering. Those are things you don?t have to worry about at Greenhouse BXL either because there is an eat-in restaurant, a takeaway restaurant and event catering. All the catering option are done through ISS.

Parcel delivery service

Receiving parcels when you?re at the office is not always easy. That’s why we’ve taken care of that with a comprehensive and reliable parcel service in every Greenhouse hub.

Ironing service

An ironing service is available in the hub two days a week. Handy, because you can drop off your laundry basket in the morning and pick up your neatly ironed shirts, dresses, etc. the same day.


After a long period of concentration, physical activity can really help you blow off steam. That’s why we always offer the opportunity to exercise in our own gym.


Do you like to ride your bicycle to work? Or do you like to indulge in a quick jog or a trip to the gym during your lunch break? No problem. You can cool down in our showers and get back to work refreshed.

Electric vehicle charging point

We wouldn?t be Greenhouse if we didn’t do everything we could to be as sustainable as possible. Do you drive to work in your electric car? No problem, a charging point is available!

Handyman service

A burned-out lamp in your office? A problem with one of your desks? Don’t worry. We have a talented handyman service ready to help you every day.

Registered office

Possibility of having a registered office if you opt for a service agreement (serviced office).

On-demand services

A hospitality assistant is there to answer all your questions.

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