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Restaurant & catering

A productive working day needs a good lunch and a great event needs proper catering. There’s no need to worry about that at Greenhouse either because our restaurants and our caterers are great!


At Greenhouse, you can simply use our reliable reception. In that way you don’t have to invest in your own reception service.


After a long period of concentration, physical activity can really help you blow off steam. That’s why we always offer the opportunity to exercise near your workplace.


Quality and sustainability are central to our hubs, but even then, something can go wrong. Whether you have a broken office chair or a faulty lamp in your office, our helpdesk is at your service every day of the week!


At Greenhouse, you’ll never have to look for an inspiring event location again. All three of the Greenhouse hubs offer plenty of options for the best events.


Whether you are expecting an important customer, or you just need a private space where you can focus completely, you can always use our meeting rooms.

Ironing service

There is an ironing service in every hub two days a week. Handy, because you can drop off your laundry basket in the morning and pick up your neatly ironed clothes the same day or the next day.

Handyman service

A burned-out lamp in your office? A problem with one of your desks? Don’t worry. We have a talented handyman service ready to help you every day.

Electric charging points

We wouldn’t be Greenhouse if we didn’t do everything we could to be as sustainable as possible. Do you drive to work in your electric car? No problem, a charging point is available!

Cleaning service

Which do you prefer? Paying for a cleaning service or putting on a cleaning apron yourself? At Greenhouse, you don’t have to do either, because our cleaning service also keeps your workplace clean.

Parcel delivery service

Receiving parcels when you’re at the office is not always easy. That’s why we’ve taken care of that with a comprehensive and reliable parcel service in every Greenhouse hub.

Refreshing greenery

What your work environment looks like has a huge impact on how you feel while working. We naturally feel better when we are surrounded by enough greenery. That’s why we create a beautiful and natural interior in our hubs.


Most importantly, we do everything we can in our hubs to ensure well-being in the workplace. People who feel good about themselves don’t just work better, they are also happier about working.


For some a nice extra, for many a necessary evil: good coffee to get through the day. In all three Greenhouse hubs, we guarantee you delicious fresh brewed coffee, completely free of charge.


Do you like to ride your bicycle to work? Or do you like to indulge in a jog or a trip to the gym during your lunch break? No problem. You can cool down in our showers and get back to work refreshed.

Registered offices

Possibility of having a registered office if you opt for a service agreement (serviced office).

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