These services are included

These services are included.

All of the following services are always at your disposal, regardless of whether you lease a custom office, work from a serviced office or use our coworking spaces.

Restaurant and catering

No productive working day without a good lunch and no sensational event without proper catering. Those are things you don't have to worry about at Greenhouse either, because our restaurant and caterer are top notch!

Fitness & yoga

After a long period of concentration, physical activity can really help you blow off steam. That's why we always offer the opportunity to participate in yoga and fitness near your workplace.


Either you lose a lot of time yourself, or you have to invest in an employee who is fully focused on reception. Not at Greenhouse, because here you can just leave it to our reliable reception.

7-day-a-week helpdesk

Everything revolves around quality and sustainability at our hubs, but even than something can go wrong. Whether you have a broken desk chair or a burned out lamp in your office, our helpdesk is at your service 7 days a week!

Have questions about our services?

Then you can always contact our dedicated hospitality coordinator. He is happy to answer all your questions and will gladly provide further explanation about how our services work.

Have your office furnished for you

No time to your office space itself? Discover our turn key solution and get a fully furnished office with the most durable and quality materials.


At Greenhouse, you'll never need to look for an inspiring event location again. In all three Greenhouse hubs there are plenty of options for the hottest events.


Whether you are expecting a visit from an important customer, organizing a workshop or planning an extensive team meeting, you can always use our meeting rooms.

Ironing service

Two days a week, you can drop off your freshly washed laundry at our ironing service. This comes in handy, because you can leave your laundry basket in the morning, and get your freshly ironed shirt, dress, ... back by the end of the day.

House keeping

Don't feel like putting on your cleaning clothes? No need! Our cleaning service keeps all the amenities and workplaces squeaky clean.

Handyman service

Burned out lamp in your office? Problem with one of your desks? Don't worry, we have a very talented handyman service that is on call every day.

Parcel service

Sending or receiving packages is not always easy when you're at the office. We've taken care of that with a comprehensive and reliable delivery service at every Greenhouse hub.

Electric charging poles

We wouldn't be Greenhouse, if we didn't do everything we could to be as sustainable as possible. Do you drive to work in your electric car? No problem. There are always charging poles available for you!

Refreshing greenery

Your workplace surroundings have an immense impact on how you feel throughout the workday. Everyone feels better in an environment lush with comforting greenery. We understand that, which is why we have created a beautiful, natural indoor space at our hubs.


The most important thing: at our hubs we do everything we can to ensure well-being in the workplace. When you're feeling good, you don't just work better but enjoy it more. And that enthusiasm spreads!


Some see it as a nice extra, yet for many it's necessary evil: good coffee to get through the day. At all three Greenhouse hubs we provide delicious bean coffee, at no extra charge.

Find out which of our office solutions best suits you


Do you like to ride your bike to work? Or do you like to spend the afternoon break jogging or doing a fitness workout? No problem. Showers are available so you can get back to work afterwards, refreshed and energized.

A wide range of services

Greenhouse offers you a wide range of services, regardless of whether you are a customer or coming in for a meeting in one of our Greenhouse hubs.‚Äč